Term Paper: Human Resources Having Different Perspectives Can Allow

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Human Resources

Having different perspectives can allow us to seek out solutions. The optimal solution for a given problem may derive from multiple models or philosophies. Regulating workplaces is a specific problem, but there are a number of solutions available, and different perspectives can help us to determine those.

One problem with nonunion committees is that they lack the formal protections under the law that unions have. Another is that nonunion committee may not be inclusive of all workers -- that some workers may specifically be excluded from such committees. Legally as well, such committees do not have superior bargaining power and management cannot have a seat on such committees. Lastly, such committees are redundant and problematic when there already exists union representation. They cannot supersede the union, so serve no real purpose. In addition, there are prohibited subjects so such committees are inherently limited in their scope.

The two main standards under the NLRA for an organization are "dealing with" and "employee representation." Any group can quality if these conditions are met, regardless if the group is formal or not. The group also has to be perceived as being representative even of non-member employees. The other criterion is if there is evidence of employer dominance, which could trigger a ruling that the group is a labor organization.

3. Preparation is so important for negotiators because power derives from information. It is critical that negotiators not only understand their own negotiating position but that of the other side. Additionally, negotiators benefit from having enough knowledge to generate creative solutions that might be able to break… [END OF PREVIEW]

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