Human Resources Information System Thesis

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Human Resources Information System

The situation that Jay Morgan faces as the manager of a series of geographically dispersed locations throughout the Detroit area is one of the factors that have created the increasing level of innovation in the use of distributed systems throughout the hospitality industry. The Castle Family Restaurant chain of eight restaurants throughout the Detroit area are already challenging the scalability of the processes used for managing them; despite gasoline prices the time required to individually manage Human Resources processes across of all them clearly will not scale as additional locations are added to the chain. What is required is a stable, secure yet customizable platform that can have applications selectively added to it to compliment the processes being automated from a human resources standpoint across the entire chain. The intent of this paper is to evaluate how Ray Morgan can accomplish this while also ensuring the revenue management system of the chain stays proprietary (Kimes, Wagner, 2001).

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Thesis on Human Resources Information System Assignment

In conjunction with the development of specific process areas that will be automated with the new system including employee scheduling, employee status including hours worked, pay rate, and accumulated hours, payroll, revenue and tax management, Castle Family Restaurants must also define the underlying Intranet platform the entire network will reside on. The use of Intranets has shown to deliver significantly greater efficiency and cost reductions over time relative to using stand-alone and often non-integrated applications (Bondarouk, Ruel, 2008). Jay Morgan needs to take this into account and define an Intranet strategy that will allow for him to have a portal interface into which specific applications can be selectively installed and integrated. In conjunction with this, Jay Morgan will also need to have Business Process Management (BPM) workflow applications available in the Intranet development environment to better align the applications to his specific needs. As each restaurant chain has significantly different processes for employee management, payroll, revenue management and revenue management (Bondarouk, Ruel, 2008) the challenge is aligning all of them to the specific objectives the restaurant or hospitality chain is attempting to attain (AMR Research, 2006).

The alignment of applications to the specific process areas is critical to the restaurant being able to attain its long-range goals (Bondarouk, Ruel, 2008). While this is strategic in scope, one of the greatest benefits of restaurants such as the Castle Family restaurant chain is the significant reduction in the amount of time required by managers to manually handle all the process areas and exceptions. Instead, they can concentrate more on those process areas and more importantly, those strategies that have major influence across the entire series of restaurants. Often when hospitality chains deploy an enterprise-wide Intranet and have these specific applications installed and used by a high percentage of employees, senior managers are able to define entirely new growth strategies (Bondarouk, Ruel, 2008). The time spent managing all of these processes and systems on a per store basis are taking time away from Jay Morgan being able to plan for the future and therefore grow the chain over the long-term. Having an Intranet platform that has an employee accounting application, scheduling application, employee performance management system, and employee communications system… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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