Human Resources Issues at Comcast Group of Companies Term Paper

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Effects on the Organization -- Comcast may have legal problems if the member-employees can prove its fiduciary duty and they can. ERISA is a federal law, which protects those who participate in employee benefit plans. Participants include employees with stock options in a company. Recommendation and Implementation -- Comcast should confer with its legal and financial officers on how the decreases on company revenues and growth may be tackled without affecting the stock options of the retirement plan of the employees. It should take all steps possible to avoid violating the protective provisions of ERISA (Online Legal Media).

C. Conclusion

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If Comcast listens and adopts the recommendations, racial and disability discriminations and the lawsuits filed will be resolved and prevented in the future. There will be better employer-employee relationships if Comcast deals with union demands fairly and promptly. This will also redound to better performance by employees who are union members. And if it protects the retirement plan from risk despite diminished company growth, there will be no additional lawsuits from employees. The likely changes may be additional costs and sacrifice but the side effects will be better working conditions and peace in the workplace. This will lead to overall company growth and public reputation. On the other hand, ignoring the recommendations can lead the company to face more lawsuits than it can handle. Employee discontent will increase and may lead to strikes and other conflicts. These may be costlier than settling their grievances. Comcast may also lose its gleaming reputation as an industry leader and put their corporate survival at an unnecessary risk.

Major lessons learned include the importance of placing the welfare of employees on the same level as the pursuit of profit for Comcast. Not only is it its duty to do so. It is also to its overall and lasting advantage to consider that employees are inevitable to a business. Their welfare will have to be an inherent part of the investment as much as a part of their existence. They cannot be viewed separately and should not be. #


TOPIC: Term Paper on Human Resources Issues at Comcast Group of Companies Assignment

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