Human Resources Management Employment Background Checks A-Level Coursework

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Human Resources Management

Employment background checks should be conducted on the employees of BSS due too the fact that there is an increase in the privacy of the electronic data requirements hence the Stanley Jausneister should be more diligent when it comes to hiring of employees who will be accessing and managing the personal data within the organization. There are several background tests that the employer can conduct. These include employment references, character reference check, credit history, criminal history report, existing gaps in employment history, address and identification verification. When all these tests are carried out on the employees the manager will be bale to find out the type of person they are employing before they are actually employed. This will help reduce any cases of leaking of vital information.

Question 2

The process of background testing is governed by some laws. These laws are in place to ensure that the rights of the employees are not case BSS intends to conduct a check on the employers background using a third party the check is usually covered by a Fair Credit Reporting Act (Spoden, 2012).This act requires that the person the check is being conducted should be notified and give their consent. BSS should also avoid taking information termed as personal from. They should only get information which is useful to the organization (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer-Muller, 2012).

Question 3

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BSS can easily find out if their background testing is effective. The first and obvious way is if the number of reports about leaking information has reduced. If the checks were successful then there will be a lot of confidentiality of the information within the company hence no incidences will be reported. They can also find out this if they receive positive results from the employees who go through these tests. This indicates that they test they conducted were successful.

Question 4

TOPIC: A-Level Coursework on Human Resources Management Employment Background Checks Should Assignment

I would suggest that BSS include a criminal record check. This is will help in gauging whether the employee is trust worthy or not. People will criminal records are often discredited and they are not to be trusted. They should also include a drug test. This is important as they will be bale to eliminate anyone who abuses substances since they are not reliable (Spoden, 2012).

Application 2

Question 1

I would use a job knowledge test that is specifically meant for HR professionals which focusses on the general knowledge of the applicant of HR management. This is because any candidate who is applying for the position of a HR manager should be able to have the knowledge of what the filed entails exactly. Therefore any successful candidate will be the one who will pass this knowledge test. Anyone who does not have knowledge on HR management can be suited for the position hence the importance of administering this test.

Question 2

I would definitely ensure that a medical and drug test is administered to any applicant. This is essential as it will enable one to find out whether the applicant has any medical condition that will make them less productive if they are given the job. A drug test is also important since no one is willing to employ a drug addict since they will not be productive to the organization. Therefore, the medical and drug test are a must as they will be used to gauge weather or not a candidate is able to cope with the high levels of stress and frequent travel requirements which the position entails.

Question 3

I would not use a paper and pencil integrity test. This… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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