Human Resources Management in Hotel Research Paper

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225). Further, knowledge management refers to a range of strategies and practices used in an organization to "identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences within an organization" (Addicott, Ferlie & McGivern, 2006, p.88). It has been said that the acquisition and creation of knowledge takes place on an individual level, a group level, and an organizational level. Organizations consistently strive to improve their bottom line and because of this, customers and stakeholders are vital in providing information for service innovation within an organization. The same is true for the hotel hospitality industry. In order to provide solutions to organizational problems, as well as to provide insight on new or innovative products and services, benchmarking is needed with respect to knowledge management, which

"helps in understanding where the organization features in comparison with other organizations in the industry in terms of knowledge, competency and capability, which help in the growth of an organization" (Leal and Roldan, 2001, p.12).

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With the inclusion of these tactics into human resources management in the hotel hospitality industry, management is better able to gauge where their respective organization should be in terms of competition. As previously mentioned, only with the knowledge that is gained from understanding one's competitors -- both their strengths and weaknesses -- can an organization fully understand what its optimum level of performance should be. Even for a successful organization that sees satisfaction from customers and stakeholders as well as maintaining employee morale and competence, the belief that this entity can remain successful in the long-haul without looking at its competitors is a naive notion. Only in utilizing knowledge management and benchmarking can an organization not only keep an eye on what it is doing internally but become aware and prepared for what may lie on the horizon in terms of its own future.

Impact on Personal and Professional Life

Research Paper on Human Resources Management in Hotel Assignment

In utilizing the aforementioned tools and tactics for human resources management in the hotel hospitality field, I hope to enter the workforce with knowledge of not only what should be expected, but with knowledge of how to handle the unexpected as well. In entering this field, it is imperative to remember that one experience cannot speak for all experiences. For example, a problem that I may deal with while working in one place may not be the same way I would handle it when working for another organization. While there is a certain structure for dealing with issues that may arise, or in dealing with the standard protocol and events of the day, it must be remembered that there is also a portion of subjectivity that must be taken account from establishment to establishment.


As seen, managing human resources in the hospitality industry presents special challenges, including "highly diverse employee backgrounds and roles, an ever-present focus on guest services, and organizational structures that often diverge from generic corporate models" (Tannenbaum, 1996, p.450). It is therefore up to management to work with the tools they have learned both in their education and in their own personal experiences to assess the situations they face in a manner that is both structured yet subjective. It is easy to assume that in following a given set of rules that events will play out as expected. However, this is never true in every case. In these instances, it is necessary to use these tactics as guidelines for integrating one's professional background as well as the suggested methods of management. While a position as human resource manager entitles one to a position of authority within an establishment, it must always be remembered that to run an establishment successfully, one's own motivation must be combined with the motivation of the staff in its entirety.


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