Human Resources Management (HRM) Is Vital Essay

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Human Resources Management (HRM) is vital to any organization, but it often gets overlooked by others and viewed as not being very important at all. These people do not see the value of HRM, and in some cases they do not even think about the department or acknowledge its existence until they need it for something. This attitude causes many problems for the department and the personnel who work within it. Another serious concern for HRM is that a lot of people forget how global the business world is now. It is important that this is realized, though, so that anyone who works in Human Resources is sensitive to the differences that may come up based on culture, ethnicity, and other, similar issues. The lack of understanding of the value of HRM and the lack of sensitivity displayed by some of the personnel who work in that department are prime examples of the tradeoff between the efficiency and the effectiveness that is taking place in organizations today.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Human Resources Management (HRM) Is Vital to Assignment

In the first example, HRM is often ignored until there is a problem that requires an employer or employee to visit the Department because of a pay or insurance issue, or some other concern. The HR Department can generally move along very efficiently each day, but the effectiveness of it is called into question when people who work in the organization are not sure as to what it does or where to find it. This happens because the HR people often keep to themselves and are not seen around much in most organizations. In order to rectify this problem, the HRM function should be more visible. It should be more included in the daily workings of the employees, instead of only addressed or contacted when there appears to be a problem. Because HRM is such a behind-the-scenes function, there needs to be a way to bring it more to the forefront. A more open-concept office design could help with this in some companies, so that HRM employees are not tucked away somewhere where they have little interaction with other employees in the organization. This can make them an afterthought… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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