Human Resources the Modern Workplace Essay

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The law states that retaliation by the employer or organization is just as illegal as discriminatory employment practices. If an employee believes they are being retaliated against, they should contact the EEOC office immediately (Facts About Retaliation, 2012).

Part 4 -- In this scenario, there is no standard of behavior that employees are held to, and in fact, the former manager tolerated theft of time and use of company resources. The first thing that the new manager should do is meet with Human Resources and work to publish an official Employee Manual, then have a meeting in which HR trains the employees and has them sign an agreement to abide by the rules. The new manager can also have a private conversation with Jennifer to indicate that there is about an hours' worth of time that is being used on personal business -- perhaps there is a compromise. Instead of updating Facebook and calls lasting almost an hour, use lunch or break time to make the calls and reduce their length.

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Part 5 - This is an unfortunate situation in which a new party was subjected to a legal decision outside of his control. If the firm operates in an "at will" State, there is nothing Steve can do. If Steve has a contract with the organization, then he can seek legal advice for either reinstatement in another position or for some sort of settlement. However, it appears that Steve had not even passed the typical 90 day probationary period that is customary with a new employee, which hurts Steve's case. Instead, perhaps Steve could meet with Wayne and his manager and see if they can find room for him in another part of the company.


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TOPIC: Essay on Human Resources the Modern Workplace Assignment

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