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Staneart (2004) states the performance appraisals should be "short, no more than ten-minutes, and should focus on the results expected from the employee's current position, and how effectively the employee's current goals are being met." It is reported that intangibles should be measured and that those are inclusive of such as morale, leadership, development of people, and problem-solving skills, and work ethic." (Staneart, 2004)

The manager can use this system in scheduling interviews each month that are short and only require a few minutes time to complete. These sessions are reported by Staneart to be important in that "they open lines of communication and they give the manager a chance to update the progress of the employee in different result areas. If the employee is performing above expectations, then this is an opportunity to shine and set new goals, and if the employee is performing below expectations, then corrective actions can be taken.

The benefits of the shorter and more frequent interviews make annual appraisals much easier. The annual review has facts that are documented upon which to base an appraisal of employee performance. According to Staneart "Companies using this type of system show dramatically higher productivity within months of implementation." (Staneart, 2004) This type of performance appraisal system is one that enables employees to receive updates throughout the year on their level of performance.


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Staneart, Doug (2004) Is Your Performance Review System Outdated? All Experts. 4 Apr 2004. Retrieved from:

TOPIC: Term Paper on Human Resources at a Small Assignment

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