Human Resources Sourcing Initiatives Must Be Highly Essay

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Human Resources

Sourcing initiatives must be highly visible, accessible and intriguing to would be job applicants.

It is strategically important to build a reputation as a diversity-friendly organization. The image conveyed to the world affects recruitment, not only in the short-term but in the long-term. Progressive organizations worldwide are continuing to develop and improve practices that optimize their attractiveness as employers of talented and diverse workforces.

Many women and other minorities report that they find the trailblazer role exhausting. They are looking for signs of inclusion and acceptance in the organizational culture. If a group is seen as an organization that offers real opportunities to diverse employees, where all employees are treated with respect and where senior management is composed of a mix of people, chances are diverse applicants will seek it out.

Sourcing strategy # 1: Courting Sources

Approaching and encouraging potential candidates and approaching people who might know of (or be able to influence) potential candidates. This is fairly common practice for filling senior positions, often because many potential candidates for senior vacancies fall into the passive market category. In other words, they are quite happy in their current positions.

Sourcing strategy # 2: Tapping networks of board members and current staff

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Board members may be good sources of names of potential candidates who are women or nationals of developing countries, particularly for senior scientific or management positions. New staff members may have a host of good contacts who would remain otherwise unknown. Networking is a most powerful sourcing strategy. It can be highly effective if a broad range of staff members access their networks to identify and encourage potential candidates.

Sourcing strategy #3: Utilizing the Internet

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