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Human resources also contribute to the development of an organization by providing insight as to what resources are available and necessary for the continued success of an organization. Human resource management helps an organization to achieve success through the recruitment, training, and retention of valuable employees.

Human resource management aides in the management of people within an organization in both a structured and methodical manner. Human resource management is also charged with the management of people within an organization from an overall perspective. Through the management of people within an organization, human resource management is responsible for traditional human resource functions such as staffing, personnel retention, payment and determination of benefits, performance management, change management, and exit interviews and related processes ("Human Resource Management (HRM)," 2011). Additionally, human resource management is responsible for managing people in the form of a collective relationship between the staff and management ("Human Resource Management (HRM)," 2011).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Human resource management must assert their position within an organization and prove that the department's existence is not solely contingent on ensuring that the organization complies with government labor regulations. Human resources must prove their ability as a valuable asset to an organization in every step of an organization's strategic planning process and should be involved in environmental scanning, organizational assessment, strategy development, implementation, and performance measurement ("The Role of HR in Strategic Planning," 2008). The goal of strategic planning is to identify and exploit opportunities and mitigate risks, align goals and initiatives, and allocate resources for desired organizational results ("The Role of HR in Strategic Planning," 2008). Furthermore, human resources help to ensure compliance, both an organizational level and at a federal level; human resources also provide consultative services within an organization which may aid in leadership development, performance management, and employee relations and engagement ("The Role of HR in Strategic Planning," 2008). Human resources should also assist in the implementation of strategies and initiatives that are deemed to be necessary in the strategic planning process; attention should also be paid to workforce planning and succession planning ("The Role of HR in Strategic Planning," 2008).

Within an organization, human resource management must fulfill several functions. These functions include manpower planning, employee selection, employee motivation, employee evaluation, employee services, industrial relations, and employee development. Manpower planning requires the assessment of present and future staffing needs. In order to determine these needs, human resource personnel must analyze a present workplace's profile and adjust to anticipate an organization's future needs ("Human Resource Management," 2011). These future projections are dependent on present sales and production forecasts, the impact that future technological advancements will have on present labor performed manually, changes in labor, changes in employment practices, and legislative and government changes in labor policies ("Human Resource Management," 2011). Manpower staffing also requires that Human resources ensure that an organization is not overstaffed as overstaffing may lead to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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