Human Rights in Human Security Context Research Paper

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Human Rights in Human Security Context

Human right is an upcoming element of understanding human behavioral patterns and vulnerabilities about change and challenges. Human security conversely is an upcoming element of understanding universal vulnerabilities concerning change and challenges. This is because many scholars argue about the issue of human security and claim that it should be more individual rather than worldwide. Security should be a public-centered view for individuals, society and global growth. This is a concept that involves a number of scholars researching to develop strategies on how to understand and give human rights. The United Nations Development Program on the Human Development Report stated that freedom from fear and freedom from want for every individual is the only effective way to solve the problem of human security (Sarat 77-78).

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The ambiguity of human rights undermines the effectiveness of human security. This is because human security has become a way of promoting political positions and the global market and does not help the public make the right decisions regarding their security (Sarat 77-78). This way, the society still faces insecurity and implementation of poor policies because the motives of officials overshadow the interest and preference of the people. For example, some states have continually faced criticism for emphasizing on development rather than security. For this reason, such states have their citizens working extremely hard to meet the objectives of the state rather than set their own individual goals. This has in turn led to violence, crime, racism and poverty in some states. While human security may challenge universal inequalities, the universal health approach of a state must cooperate with the foreign policy. This will enable the state to develop good policies that will not only consider the interest of the people, but also use and explore their skills and talents (Sarat 77-78).

Issues - What are at least four issues within the problem?

TOPIC: Research Paper on Human Rights in Human Security Context Assignment

Human security does not simply present the needs and demands of individuals but also the efforts of international organizations and the government. This involves their sufficient resources that are essential in implementing human rights and human security. It also evaluates the implications of human insecurities and the concept of human rights. Through evaluating human insecurities, it seeks to identify the advantages and disadvantages of giving human rights in the concept of human security. This concept involves four main issues including violence, crime, religious peace of mind and financial measures. The idea of human security entails the relationship between the public and the state because the state policies will ensure the security of individuals. The issue of violence emerges because of the democratization of security nationals. The minimized economy has caused advanced capitalism, which in turn has caused the rise of the communist powers (United Nations 2).

With the pressure to perform and cope with the economy, most investors practice corruption and introduce criminal acts to meet up with the demands of the state. However, socialization of security nationals, which focuses on religious peace of mind of individuals, can help people cope by developing other means to raise the economy. For example, through outsourcing labor and resources, people can develop many ideas for the global stability. In addition to this, through outsourcing, less resources and labor is required to have work done. Outsourcing is also a way of reinforcing state power and in the process ensuring human rights. It is one of the most effective ways to stabilize a state because individuals get to explore their interests as well as develop their skills without special supervision and directions (Woodiwiss 55).

Research and Analysis

The conception of human security was developed through the UNDP (United Nations Development Programs) on the foundation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Human security is people-focused idea of security that centers on the threats to communities and individuals as opposed to states, and it determines new forms of security dangers (Tadjbakhsh & Chenoy, 2012). Human security underscores the global community's role in generating a combined reaction to risky scenarios that would less likely pose an instant threat to global security and peace. While the human security language become prevalent during the 1990s and received and a lot of criticisms, human security concepts have continued to grow and attain momentum (Tadjbakhsh & Chenoy, 2012).

Human security was a prevalent topic in a succession of the United Nations reports during the start of the 21st Century. Given the much criticism that faced the concept of human security, it was eliminated from the 2003 IPCC (Inter-government Panel on Climate Change) drafts and, at a later phase, it was scrapped from the United Nations Secretary-General's report in 2005 (Tadjbakhsh & Chenoy, 2012) . However, the concept persisted to spread in other areas such as culture, gender, migration, environment and socioeconomic rights among other areas (Tadjbakhsh & Chenoy, 2012).This is because human security offers a strong political leitmotif for giving multilateral actors and states through executing preferred functions in the implementation, decision-making and agenda-setting procedures. Similar to the concept of human rights, human security is slowly becoming an international concept that plays crucial roles in directing and motivating attention, and in recognition of problems, their diagnosis, assessment and reaction.

The idea of human security redirects interest in security discussions, from state and national level to humans as the prospective victims, past physical damage as the only pertinent harm and past physical aggression as the only pertinent vector or risk. Human security discussion centers on risks of diverse scope from large to small, and it is viewed as a human species' security or human individuals' security. It centers on critical priority dangers to persons evaluated on the basis of mortality effects or through the extent of sensory unrest. Human security concentrates mainly on threats to persons depicted through aggression or threats to individuals through organized deliberate violence (Tadjbakhsh & Chenoy, 2012). As a result, human security entails protecting the important core of all human lives in means that promote human fulfillment and freedoms. It entails protection of basic freedoms through protecting individuals from severe and widespread situations and threats through generating social, economic, cultural, environmental and political systems that offer building blocks for dignity, survival and livelihood of people. According to Banakar (2010), there is a complex convergence amid human rights and human security and they share core inspirational foundation that people matter.

This means that the government stays reluctant and limited when it comes to punishing criminal acts than sending people to make money. This indicates that the rate of crime rises to a higher percentage, which damages the rights of individuals for security by the government. When the crime rate is high, the public introduces violence through continued criminal acts and the attempts to stop crime. In my opinion, civil organizations of the society have become more effective in stopping criminal acts than the government has. This is because they have implemented policies that protect the interests of individuals and human rights through traditional practices. Small organizations have become aware of the needs and demands of the public while the government has only continually engaged in different ways of raising the economy and political state. More governments need to come together in order to develop policies for change (Lefebvre 22).

Victimization rates are getting higher and this influences the perception of the public regarding the issue of human security. This is because the government has portrayed that human security is not its priority such that the public have settled for the fact that security is individual. In such cases, the attempts of policy reforms have failed because there is no one to do a research on the issues affecting the society such as security. In a few areas where reform was successful, individual efforts have lacked support to sustain the policies and so they have failed to help the people regardless of their tireless efforts. The biggest setback of all is the lack of continuity of good policies from one organization to another. For this reason, insecurities and human rights concept failure have increasingly ruined the reputation of many countries. When this happens, the citizens of a particular country will prefer working and living in other countries other than theirs. Governments then feel threatened to take advantage of the few left, which then leads to obstruction of human rights because they have to perform the extra duties of those absent (Merry 154).

Apart from this, the present issue arising in many countries is lack of reliable data from which they can develop a basis for interventions (Hammarberg 2). This is because through corruption, every leader has developed his individual intentions of being in control such that no interests without considering the public's interests. Despite the efforts of civil organizations in the society to create responsibility opportunities through training, achievement of the goals is impossible without the support of the government. This has led to several conflicts between local and national establishments over who is responsible for providing security for the people. Unaccountable security forces collaborate with… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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