Human Sexuality Has Changed Considerable Term Paper

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Human Sexuality has changed considerable over the past. When one looks at history we find that during the course of man progressing to become more and more civilized, human sexuality has undergone great evolution. With time there have been changes in society as well as culture, which have brought about vast changes in human sexuality and a redefinition of traditional gender roles. Questions regarding what are the standards of human sexual behavior are being debated upon extensively. Where polygamous societies existed, monogamy is now spoken for. There was a time when interracial marriages were forbidden and against the law in the United States, however today no such law exists. At a point in time what was considered to be deviant is now considered a variable only and such is seen in the wide acceptance of homosexuality and movements and considerations given to legitimize same sex marriages. The 1960s came with a revolutionary thought in mind and people advocated for free sex for all. However such thoughts and ideas received a blow with the outbreak of STDs like AIDS.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Human Sexuality Has Changed Considerable Over the Assignment

In the past there were specific roles given to males and females. Where the male was primarily the bread earner of the family, the females were given the role to take care of the household and the nurturing of the children. Their role was primarily to mold the child's character and introduce him to things like family values. Today these roles have changed, not completely, but to a certain extent where children spend their time in day care centers and the only character building that they receive is from schools and peer groups. This is mainly due to the rise of feminist groups which voiced for equal rights and set out for job opportunities. While women changed their role in the family and set out for an economical stability of their own, children have been given to others to take care of. Many today feel that children are only… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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