Humanistic or Secular Approach to Death Reaction Paper

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Humanistic or Secular Approach to Death

One reality that people learn to live with very early in life is that death is inevitable. It is the end of all human beings, and indeed, of all living things on earth. At some point, death will come for all of us. This reality is most profoundly considered in Aurelius' writing. I find his writing on death not only more secular or humanistic, but in a very fundamental sense more realistic than any of the "traditional" views I have encountered so far. I do believe that it is possible for all human beings to attain this view of death. However, it will also depend on the specific person involved and his or her religious views. Some individuals will find it more difficult to adopt Aurelius' views, but this certainly does not mean that it is impossible for them to do so.

In today's world, many people are religiously oriented, especially in terms of their views on death. Because of the traditional concept of death as holding either eternal reward or eternal punishment for how life was conducted, many people have a profound fear of death. Others, in turn, look forward to it as if it is by far desirable above the physical life that we enjoy now. A large amount of fear regarding death therefore consists in the fact that we, as religious people, fear punishment.

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Aurelius, however, does not consider this a valid viewpoint. Indeed, he even briefly caters for the fact that the "gods" of his time might not exist. He argues, however, that, if they do exist, they mean no harm to human spirits. Indeed, in Aurelius' view, they are either concerned with human well-being or indifferent. This might be a difficult point for today's fundamental Christians to accept. Hence, for the extremely religious, I think it is possible to accept Aurelius' view, since we are all rational human beings but it is somewhat unlikely.

Reaction Paper on Humanistic or Secular Approach to Death Assignment

Another profoundly interesting point that Aurelius makes is more difficult to argue with. Death is as natural as life itself and as birth. He argues that no rational, adult human being should fear death because it can be accepted simply… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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