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" (See reference 3) But style is not limited to the field of writing alone though it may be more pronounced here. Style can be seen in almost everything that forms creative expression; in fact even the way someone talks, walks or conducts himself becomes his or her unique style. It is due to this style that we can tell people apart or enjoy one's company and avoid another's. It is style that makes a writer popular. For example there are thousands of ghost and magic stories around but there was something about J.K Rowling's writing style that led to the massive success of her Harry Potter series.


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Culture refers to art, literature and social norms, almost everything that reveals something special or unique about a group or society. Culture is a set of principles, traditions, practices and values that sets one group or society apart from another. When we say that African-Americans have a culture distinctly different from that of White Americans, what we are referring to is the long history and heritage that gives both these groups their distinct identity. Culture is therefore everything about a group that makes it unique among host of other groups in the world. For example Irish people would have certain customs and traditions that people in Africa might find unique and fascinating and vice versa. These customs lay the foundation of a culture but culture also includes all forms of art. When we study British literature, we notice that it is distinctly different from Russian literature or German books for that matter, this is because of the influence of culture only. A difference in the literature or art of the same group is then due to style and not culture. It is important to bear in mind so we can clearly understand the differences in various cultures.


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Genius refers to intellect of a very high order. It is due to this intellect that we are introduced to something new and different in the otherwise old and dull fields. For example every painter can paint but if Michelangelo was a genius because he brought a fresh perspective to painting. Similarly every person who is regarded as a genius is something with extraordinary intellect and a unique passion for his work.


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