Hydrological Hazard Essay

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¶ … forest conversion to pasture affecting the hydrological response of Amazon catchments? Signals in the Ji-Parana basin" by Rodriguez, Tomasella, and Linchares published on the 26th January 2010 in Wiley Interscience. It goes ahead to discuss in depth runoff. It is apparent to majority of us that the land use and vegetation cover over the land does not remain constant but constantly changes typically because of human activities and deforestation respectively. Deforestation on its own has the potential of affecting not only the forest/vegetation cover, but also hydrological response (Rodriguez, "is forest conversion to pasture affecting hydrological response"). Despite that many of vegetation changes are detectable in majority of small-catchment researches; it can however be difficult in large-scale studies. For this reason, at Ji-Parana basin in southwest Amazon, land use, land-cover changes, and stream flow fluctuations are examined combined with remotely sensed deforestation information to obtain viable results. Despite the Ji-Parana basin being large (<30,000 km2), it has been greatly affected by human activities modifying the land cover. From the statistical analysis, where daily stream flows were correlated with land cover data on smaller areas (sub-basins), the results indicated that the effect of land use and land cover changes on the response of hydrological process in large scales is time lagged (Rodriguez, "is forest conversion to pasture affecting hydrological response"), that is flow patterns are significantly affected by land cover and topography of the location resulting to high peak flows in streams hence storm flows. From the study, it proved easy to detect signals of the impact of land use and land cover changes on hydrological processes on smaller basins compared to large-scale considerations. This revelation thus challenges the existing mathematical models that are designed for faster hydrological response (Rodriguez, "is forest conversion to pasture affecting hydrological response"). Land activities and vegetation cover affects the speed and duration surface water from rainfall/storms takes before reaching streams significantly affecting stream flow hence flooding potential.

Rain falling on land has the potential of flowing either rapidly or slowly depending on the land cover as runoff and finally to streams. In addition depending on the soil characteristics of the area under consideration, infiltration varies where some of the water can percolate through the soil to greater depths… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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