Hygiene in Medical Settings Term Paper

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An easy way to remember is to sing the ABC song or Happy Birthday. This will help you measure the correct length of time.

If soap and water is not an option, use an alcohol-based sanitizer or disposable hand wipe. The alcohol in these products helps kill germs, although this is not recommended if hands are visibly soiled.

If in doubt, ask a nurse or staff member where you can wash your hands or if there is hand sanitizer available. These simple steps and precautions can make a difference in the recovery of your loved one.

How would you share your message to have the most influence? What person, agency, or institution would you select and why? What considerations would influence the format, timing, and follow-up of your submission? What obstacles might you face and how would you overcome these? What negation and advocacy skills would you need to get your message out?

This message would be best shared through informational pamphlets and brochures available at visitor sign-in or left in waiting room areas of major hospitals, surgery centers or other in-patient settings. As guests wait for updates on their loved ones or to go in to visit with a patient, they would be exposed to the information along with other reading material. Brochure displays should be eye-catching and prominent. Another approach is to have each guest handed a pamphlet along with their guest pass. This is a more direct strategy that puts the message in the hands of each guest.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Hygiene in Medical Settings My Assignment

To implement a process for promoting the literature and information, conversations with administration and staff would be necessary. They would play a critical role in ensuring that the information is made available on a consistent basis and that nurses also reinforce the message as they work with guests or direct/escort them into patient rooms. Obstacles to compliance might include general lack of regard from healthcare staff, visitors and other guests. In addition, limited literacy could prevent the message from being fully understood. Because of these factors, there should also be clearly marked signs near sinks and in restrooms that encourage hand washing among guests and that are simple to understand. Language should include short sentences and numbered steps for proper hand washing technique. Images should harmonize with the message and be relatable -- close-ups of hands being washed, illustrations of families gathered together in healthcare settings or of guests at the bedside of a patient.

Discuss what you learned from this assignment. Why do you think that nursing is seldom mentioned in media discussions related to health care? How do you think you can become more influential in this regard? What will you do to increase the visibility and credibility of your profession in the future?

This was a very enlightening and helpful assignment because it required thoughtful consideration of ways nurses can help other improve healthcare safety in medical settings. I think that the role of nursing is very important and seldom receives the recognition is deserves because it is often overshadowed in the media by other areas of healthcare such as new breakthroughs, pharmacology advancements, and the work of doctors. However, nurses carry a great deal of power and influence and play a significant part in the recovery of patients. We hold very special relationships with patients and their families and can make a difference in their medical experiences.

I think that my personal impact will come one patient at a time and as I do my part to advocate for improved communication between all those involved in day-to-day operations in healthcare settings and push for adherence to standards that have been shown to make a positive difference. Hence, my selected topic of surgery visitor hand washing and the role it plays in patient recovery. To increase the credibility and visibility of the nursing profession in the future, I will continue to give attention to the important issues, think critically about ways I can have a voice in enhancing processes and never be afraid to offer suggestions that can make a difference.


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