Hypothetical Design Research Paper

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University Curricular Is Inversely Related With Employment Needs With the Mediating Role of Globalization

Quantitative research can be defined as an objective, formal and systematic process in which numerical information is used to attain information about the world (Burns & Grove 2005). it's used to examine relationships among variables, to describe the variables and to find out cause and effect of interactions between variable. Hancock (2002) noted that the qualitative research strength depends on its ability to offer a complex textual description of the people reaction to certain research issues. Much qualitative research avails the information about the human side of a certain issues such as the beliefs, opinions, contradictory behaviors and relationships to individuals.

There is a need for the curricula to be made responsive to employer needs (Breazeal et al.,2004)

So it is evident that with an increasing global environment, the gap between university curricula and employment needs will also increase. Thereby confirming that university curricular is inversely related with employment needs with the mediating role of globalization


A qualitative study to explore the nature of relationship between university curricular and employment needs with the mediating role of globalization.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Hypothetical Design Assignment

The nature of relationship between university curricular and employment needs with the mediating role of globalization deserves. Qualitative research methodology is the best technique in investigating the above mentioned relationship since the research is in its natural setting and therefore the need to interpret the phenomena (widening gap within the context of employment needs) so as to bring meanings to them as indicated in the work of Denzin (1994). The need for using qualitative research is to assist us in penetrating the inner and deeper significance that the proposed research topic ascribes to. The process would involve the naturalist and interpretive to the given subject matter while also giving priority to whatever the data contributes to the laid down research questions as well as existing information. In this case, we must attempt to investigate the assertion that the existing pro-globalization curricula are largely devoid of employer requirement. This misalignment of facts and strategy is a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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