Term Paper: IBM Token Ring

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[. . .] When an early token release occurs the system can enter another token to the system as soon as the early release occurs.

The token ring is sent through the network system until it reaches its destination. It gathers data at each station that is holding data for that particular token in the system sequence. If the station has no data the token ring is passed on to the next station and when all the information is obtained it is received and utilized for further purpose and additions of information. When the token ring that has been sent around the system gathering information has completed its journey it ends its trip at the original sending station and it is removed and used for its function.

Token ring networks use a sophisticated priority system. What this means to the token ring system is that there are predetermined high priority uses and users. These are given the ability to use the system ahead of others and more often than others. The token ring system has two fields called the priority field and the reservation field. Again, if one was to compare the system to a non-technical term it could be likened to a poker game. In some poker games one must have a certain level of points within their hand before they are allowed to open the bets. The token ring system works in a similar fashion. Tokens are "marked" so that a station must have a certain level of priority coding or higher to be able to seize that particular token and begin sending it around the network system gathering information.

The token ring network is designed with ability to self detect a wide range of network faults. This ability cuts down on the crashes and stop ups that would otherwise occur and it allows for the smooth and continual use of a pass around system of information gathering. One of the stopgap measures that are in place deals with using a station as a sort of look out scout. The station is designated as an active monitor. Any station can be chosen as the monitor but its job is to coordinate and oversee the timing of the stations sending out the token ring and the release of the next tokens as the time is right to do so. Another ability of the network of token rings is the ability to remove defective and continuous frame tokens. These are tokens that for one reason or another become defective while being passed from station to station and the token continues around the frame without a purpose. This prevents the next token from being released into the system because of the measures that will not allow a collision. Token ring systems are designed to prevent a stalled system by removing the continued frame rings to float around without purpose or destination.


The technological explosion of the late 1900's has moved the world into realms that were previously unheard of. One of the front-runners of the explosion has always been IBM (International Business Machines). In the early 70's the company invented something called a token ring that allows a network to gather and send information around a frame.

There are many things that can go wrong in a passing system that IBM has developed its token ring system to be able to stop some possible problems before they have even begun. Because of the self-monitoring ability of the token ring many experts in the field consider system the system extremely reliable. If something goes wrong within the token ring passing system the possibilities are narrowed by virtue of its self-monitoring abilities.

The token rings have many advantages including the inability to collide, and the ability to self-monitor. Another advantage is the layering of information that it gathers and the way that information can be utilized. There are few disadvantages with the token ring system other than its dependence on the system for success. The token ring system allows the user to send information quickly to stations until all the information is gathered and used. It is one of the most important advents of the computer world and it is still used today by many… [END OF PREVIEW]

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