Icebreaker Ltd. New Zealand Case Study

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Moving the manufacturing processes offshore was not due to a desire for cost reduction, but rather access to higher quality and quantiy production. The total process from wool to distribution of finished garments took 33 to 43 weeks. The complexity of the supply chain required a high degree of coordination to maximize its effectiveness (Andrade, 2010, p. 7).

Like many popular brands, imitators have plagued the company; however, Icebreaker's unique designs and high quality couldn't be easily reproduced. The company has also embraced the Internet to market the company's commitment to ethics and promote their "Baacode," the company's transparent supply chain. In addition, Icebreaker garments are available via several retailer websites (Andrade, 2010, p. 9).


Icebreaker is an excellent example how innovation, commitment to product quality, ethics, and commitment to the customer can help create competitive advantage that trumps price point competition. The company has grown from a small New Zealand clothing manufacturer and in fifteen years has grown to an international outdoor clothing success story. Much of this success is contrary to the success garnered by other clothing manufacturers in an incresingly competitive and globalized world.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Case Study on Icebreaker Ltd. New Zealand Despite Assignment

Although Icebreaker has turned to outsourcing for much of its supply chain, like many manufacturers around the world, this outsourcing wasn't done to increase profit margins. Instead, the company's outsourcing partners were suppliers who could provide a higher quality product, due to technological improvements, and who could meet the increasing production needs of the company. In addition, in an industry where concerns about unethical labor practices of suppliers, such as child labor, have become increasingly ethical challenges for clothing manufacturers. Icebreakers has offered consumers complete transparency in their supply chain, giving consumers piece of mind when it comes to these concerns. These unique attributes have not only given Icebreakers another competitive advantage, but has helped build customer loyalty.

The future for Icebreaker looks bright. The company is well-positioned to take advantage of a rebounding global economy, with consumers who will have increased access to discretionary spending. As consumers become evermore socially conscience, Icebreaker's corporate policies of transparency and concern for animal welfare will further assist the organization in garnering valuable market share. A continued commitment to quality, innovation and customer service will see Icebreaker continue their successful path for the next decade and a half.


In the end, Icebreaker is a true success story. The company emerged for the relatively small market of New Zealand to become a globally successful outdoor clothing manufacturer. The commitment to changing the public's ideas about wool clothing was the inspiration for the company. The experience of the comfort and warmth of wool, by the company's future partner, would begin to take the company to the next level. International expansion into Australasia would soon be followed by entry into the European market. International outsourcing and expanded distribution networks further facilitated growth. However, it is the company's commitment to the highest quality product, with innovative designs for outdoor wear for outer and inner garments, and their dedication to ethical business practices, has set the organization apart from their competitors, making them able to compete on levels other than pricing. This has positioned them to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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