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Nursing Informatics

Application of Informatics in the Nursing Profession

With the advent and increased use of computer and Internet technologies (ICTs) in the workplace, it is inevitable that ICT will become an integral part of every individual's life, especially when applied in the workplace setting. The integration of ICTs in the conduct of everyday tasks and operations has altered the manner in which these operations are accomplished, which, ideally, increases efficiency and productivity in terms of output and/or servicing.

The nursing profession is one of the service sectors that have been gradually evolving in terms of practice and expertise to include the advent of ICTs not only in providing healthcare services for patients, but also in promoting research and development in the medical field. That is, the integration of ICTs in nursing practices has the potential to provide improvement in terms healthcare provision and efficiency and open the venue for increased and developed researches and studies in nursing science.

This paper discusses the role of informatics or ICTs in the field of nursing as a medical profession. The researcher posits that, for an ideal and efficient nursing informatics operations, two important objectives must be met: (1) to improve -- that is, to increase efficiency in handling healthcare servicing to patients through the use of informatics systems, and (2) to increase the potential of nurses to get involved in researches and studies that aim to develop nursing both as a science and a medical practice. In the texts that follow, these objectives are discussed thoroughly, in relation to the implementation of an ideal informatics system in the workplace setting among nursing professionals.

Implementing the integration of ICTs in the provision and servicing of healthcare to patients is, as has been the case in other professions, a daunting task for nurses and hospital and clinic administrators/managers. Apart from adjustment to the technology itself, management also has to deal with some of the nurses' non-receptive behavior towards ICTs. Since nursing is based highly on skills and services, the inclusion of ICTs is seen as an intrusion, if not an impediment, to nurses' practice of their profession. It also does not help that funding for the 'electronification' of healthcare servicing and the inclusion of database management is very expensive: approximately $652M over a 10-year period of implementation (HFM, 2006:16).

Young (2002), however, pointed out the increased efficiency in healthcare servicing that database management can bring to the nursing profession. The author pointed out that a database or informatics system in the workplace… [END OF PREVIEW]

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