Identification American Indian Movement: Activist Group Seized Thesis

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American Indian Movement: Activist group; Seized Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1972; protests sports mascots; concerned with Central America too; committed to Native rights.

Wounded Knee: Dec 29, 1890; U.S. government-sponsored massacre; 300 Sioux/Lakota killed; motivated by gold rush; Lakota clung to the Black Hills

Ada Deer: Born 1935; Native American activist; head of Bureau of Indian Affairs 1993-1997; Menominee tribe; female; scholar

Quanah Parker: last chief of Quahadi Comanche; Texas; European mother and Comanche father; mother was captured by Comanche; founder of Native American Church

Sioux Tribe: Native Americans; Lakota; Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Manitoba, Saskatchewan; strong social organization; 3 distinct ethnic groups; half off reservation

Indian Citizenship Act: 1924; Snyder Act; granted full citizenship to indigenous people; signed by President Coolidge; 14th Amendment did not apply before

Chief Joseph & Nez Perce: Chief of Wallowa; resisted removal to Idaho; born in Oregon; related to Gold Rush; led Nez Pierce to CanadaDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Thesis on Identification American Indian Movement: Activist Group; Seized Assignment

8. Dawes Allotment Act: 1887; allotted land in Oklahoma to Native Americans; exempted "Five Civilized Tribes"; became Burke Act in 1906;… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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