Identify and Resolve an Existing Form of Inequality That Exists in Classrooms Essay

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Inequality can often be observed in classrooms in the contemporary society and it is difficult for educational institutes to devise strategies that can effectively combat this particular problem. When looking at matters from the perspective of a person considering the conflict theory, one is probable to get a better understanding of why inequality exists in classrooms. Individuals supporting this theory consider that education is actually meant to promote social inequality and to support individuals who control the social order. The conflict theory virtually claims that education is meant to keep the lower classes from experiencing success and to support the upper classes in gaining significant benefits that can assist them in maintaining their social status.

Conflict theorists are not necessarily determined to demonstrate that education does not support cultural values, socialize young people, or sort students. However, they consider that these particular functions are used preferentially. These people consider that schools maintain conditions in the present day society and that they support the concept of inequality because the authorities think that it is perfectly normal for things to work this way.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Identify and Resolve an Existing Form of Inequality That Exists in Classrooms Assignment

Some conflict theories believe that while public schools are meant to provide a fixed curriculum, private schools provide students with a hidden curriculum. Whereas public schools present students with a curriculum that teaches in regard to how to "wait your turn, follow the rules, be punctual, and show respect, as well as learning not to ask questions" (Brinkerhoff, White, & Ortega 273), the curriculum in private schools teaches "young people to think creatively and critically and to assume that they are naturally superior and deserving of privilege" (Brinkerhoff, White, & Ortega 273). Moreover, through promoting the fact that it is perfectly normal for individuals to expect unequal rewards because they have different achievements, the educational system indirectly influences them to accept the concept of inequality (Brinkerhoff, White, & Ortega 273).

The social order is basically the result of society's tendency to teach people that they need to act in accordance with an organized system. From a very young age children are taught that they have to compete for social and economic resources. "When consensus exists, according to conflict theorists, it is attributable to people being united around common interests, often in opposition to other groups"(Andersen & Taylor 18).

Socially just classrooms are institutions where teachers address children individually and do not provide rewards to pupils who learn better. In comparison to most classrooms, these classrooms prepare individuals to integrate a just social system where each individual focuses on getting involved in activities that he or she expresses particular interest in. In order to be able to incorporate student's voices in subjects that a teacher wants to teach, the respective individual needs to focus on trying to understand each student individually. The teacher is then enabled to address students in accordance with their thinking. By knowing what a student is fond of, a teacher can use this particular fondness with the purpose of explaining things that are otherwise difficult to explain to the pupil. In order for students to actually be able to become a part of a just schooling system they too need to be encouraged to criticize teachers who are inclined to favor particular individuals on account of their ability to assimilate information. Teachers have to understand that there are a lot of children… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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