Identify Two 2 Separate State Emergency Operations Centers Eoc in the United States Term Paper

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Comparative Study of Two Emergency Operations Response Centers

Identify two separate State Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) in the United States

It is interesting to compare the Emergency Operations Response Centers of two East coast states, Florida and Maryland, given that some of the potential emergencies the states might face, such as hurricanes and water-related damage, might be presumed to have a great deal of overlap. However, the different state's approaches, demographics, bureaucracies differ substantially. Florida's disaster management agencies have specifically come under increasing criticism, because of the state's lackluster response to hurricane Wilma. Maryland's proximity to Washington D.C. And the federal operations management structure offers features of comparative interest.



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The mission of the Florida Division of Emergency Management overall is to help the state of Florida respond, recover, and mitigate the impact of the effects of state emergencies. The Florida Division of Emergency Management is subdivided into four bureau areas, and all departments possess specific duties. The Bureau of Compliance Planning and Support reviews current Florida laws and coordinates efforts regarding hazardous materials. The Office of Policy and Planning formulates policy for the whole Emergency Management Division. The Bureau of Preparedness and Response is responsible for developing and maintaining current plans to respond to a wide variety of threats, such as hurricanes, tornados, and flooding. The Bureau of Recovery and Mitigation works to reduce long-term risks to human life and property from disasters. ("Organization," 2006, Florida Division of Emergency Management)

Different organizations that are involved

Term Paper on Identify Two 2 Separate State Emergency Operations Centers Eoc in the United States Assignment

The Office of Policy and Planning prepares Presidential Disaster Declarations or Emergency Requests in coordination with the federal government, and also works with the Small Business Administration to issue disaster declaration requests for assistance. It works with the U.S. Department of Justice to deal with the need for mass immigration after a wide-scale disaster. The Recovery and Mitigation division administers several federal assistance programs including the Public Assistance and Individual Assistance Programs, the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program and the National Flood Insurance Program. Within the state, this bureaucratic division also works directly with the state's Bureau of Preparedness and Response to assist with planning disaster response and recovery operations after a disaster. It also is able to work, if necessary, with all branches of state government. ("Organization," 2006, Florida Division of Emergency Management)

How the organizations interact with or are apart of the EOC

All four of these different bureaucratic divisions compose the EOC as a whole. They coordinate activities with one another, as well as exist as individual entities.

What are the responsibilities of each member to the EOC?

The nature of the responsibilities of the different organizations, as delineated above, suggest that no single division has more responsibilities than the other, rather all have different functions and work with different outside organizations.

Who activates the EOC at the time of an emergency? How the EOC responds to an emergency/disaster and coordinates the efforts of all responsible parties?

The governor of the state of Florida has the power to declare a state of emergency. The Office of Policy and Planning is primarily, although not exclusively responsible for coordinating the efforts of the three branches.

Is there a separate warning system to alert the organizations of an impending emergency/disaster?

The Florida State Warning Point acts as a contact point between local Florida governments and emergency agencies, Florida state government agencies and the federal government to act as a warning system. It works with different state and federal agencies to watch for disasters and warn the public. ("Florida State Warning Point," 2006, Florida Division of Emergency Management)

What laws if any, enable the EOC to act?

The structure of the EOC was created through the state's constitution, and is funded through the state legislature as well as solicited donations.

Does the public or public agencies have a mechanism to notify the EOC of an emergency/disastrous situation?

The website provides links to a hotline for the public and public agencies and anyone can contact the Florida State Warning point.

Other information

Much of the state's focus is encouraging preparedness on a personal level for natural, weather-related disasters, stressing their seasonal quality, and offering information such as the phone numbers of local emergency rooms and hotlines, and access to weather-related data.


Overview, Make-up, and Different Organizations Involved in Maryland

Maryland's Emergency Management Agency also assures visitors to its official website to be prepared for any disaster. There is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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