Identifying Optimal Communication Strategies for an Innovative Product Chapter

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will not be able to scale up the production of your filters that are an essential component in our product.

As you also know, our decision to pursue a sole supplier relationship with Filters, Inc. was based on your assurances that you could accommodate significant increases in order levels in a responsive fashion and it was based on these assurances that we have launched our most recent marketing campaign. The future success of the Gas Replacer depends in a large part on Filter, Inc.'s ability to reduce the lead time needed to accommodate our just-in-time inventory strategy (Kwon & Suh, 2009), and we have received firm commitments from our other valued supply chain partners that they can accommodate our future needs. We would very much appreciate this same commitment from Filters, Inc. so please contact me at your earliest opportunity.

Best regards,

Chief Executive Officer

F. Develop a response to the customer from your chosen scenario who posted a complaint about the product to the company's social media page.

Dear Consumer,

Thank you for your recent feedback concerning the problems you experienced with the Gas Replacer. We sincerely regret this problem and there are three potential reasons it happened: 1) the product is supposed to be installed only by mechanics that have been trained for this purpose; and 2) your car is not among the approximately 50% of vehicles that are suitable for installation, or 3) a combination of these reasons.

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Consumer satisfaction with our products is our top priority and we want to resolve this problem as soon as possible. To this end, please provide us with the name and address of the representative that sold you this product so we can identify the source of the problem and take steps to ensure that it does not recur. In the interim, please contact a local car dealership that specializes in your make and model to ensure that the source of the problem is not related to the Gas Replacer and if it is, have them remove it and return it to us and your purchase price will be refunded in full. Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention.

Chapter on Identifying Optimal Communication Strategies for an Innovative Product Assignment

G. Evaluate the effectiveness of the positive and negative communication strategies used throughout your communication portfolio for both internal and external stakeholders.

Corporate blogs and emails represent cost-effective and efficient communication strategies for internal stakeholders (Kempner, 2015). These communication strategies, though, are less suitable for external stakeholders and the use of face-to-face meetings and personal correspondence, including most especially hand-written letters, are typically more effective for these audiences (Learner, 2011).

H. Evaluate the effectiveness of the different communication modalities (e.g., e-mail, blogs, social media, formal letters) used throughout your communication portfolio for both.

In order to ensure the optimal effectiveness is achieved through different communication modalities, it is essential to determine which strategy is most appropriate for the intended recipients. For example, as noted above, emails and blogs may be more appropriate for internal stakeholder while social media platforms and formal letters (even hand-written ones) are more appropriate for external stakeholders. While the content in these different communication modalities can be factually similar, it is also important to tailor the style of communications to the modality in terms of the respective levels of formality that are used.


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