Identifying Problems and Creating Solutions for Bass Pro Shops Future Business Plan

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Stage one (CEO transition initiative) will be implemented by developing a human resource program to identify optimal candidates to replace Morris as CEO and complete the on-the-job training that will be needed to ensure that the new CEO succeeds is sustaining the organizational culture that has fueled the companys success to date. This is an especially important initiative given the companys longstanding family-owned business structure. In this regard, Flegener and Brown (1999) point out that:

Organizations are especially susceptible to loss of vision and purpose during periods of CEO transition, as the leaders who helped shape the vision are replaced by others who may not share the same values and abilities. Although the timing of a transition may be a surprise (as when the CEO suffers an unexpected illness or injury), the fact that it is inevitable affords an organization the opportunity to prepare for its eventuality (emphasis added). (p. 16)

The second stage of the strategic plan (female-oriented marketing division) will be implemented by appointing a new suitable female candidate as division head and tasking her will the responsibility of researching current trends and preferences and developing corresponding products and services that will appeal to women who are already sports enthusiasts as well as attracting new female consumers. Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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a. Explanation of three steps key stakeholders need to take to prepare the organization for change implementation. Both of these changes will require three steps from key stakeholders in order to prepare for their implementation as follows:

1) Top-down support will be required to ensure that each stage of the strategic plan remains a priority and receives the organizational support that will be needed for success.

2) Given that Bass Pro Shops has never had a woman on its board of directors (Company overview, 2017), changes in the organizational culture and marketing philosophy will be essential to ensuring the success of developing a female-oriented marketing division.

TOPIC: Business Plan on Identifying Problems and Creating Solutions for Bass Pro Shops Future Assignment

b. Identification of the resources needed for each step in the implementation plan. The respective organizational resources that will be needed for stages one and two are outlined below.

1) Stage one CEO transition: Support from the companys human resource division for recruiting, assessment and final interviewing will be required to identify optimal candidates for a replacement for Morris. In addition, an attractive pay and benefit package will be required to attract and retain a suitable replacement that possesses the industry-specific experience needed to take the reins of Bass Pro Shops in the future.

2) Stage two female-oriented marketing division. Conceptualized as comprising a full-time division head, three full-time managers, 10 full-time staff,5 full time support staff and seasonal part-time staff as required, this stage will require corresponding appropriate pay and benefit packages to attract and retain qualified leaders and employees.

c. Outline of the implementation timeline for each step within the plan: The respective timelines for the implementation of the strategic plan are outlined in Table 2 below:

Table 2

Implementation timeline for strategic change initiatives


Phase one: initiation

Phase two: planning

Phase three: execution

Phase four: closure

Stage one: CEO transition

1 month

1 month

3 months

1-3 years

Stage two: Female-oriented marketing division

1-2 months

1-3 months

3 month


3. Explanation concerning how the strategic plan will be evaluated: It is axiomatic that some type of quantifiable metric will be required in order to evaluate the effectiveness of each stage of the strategic plan. Therefore, quantifiable metrics that can be used for this purpose are described below.

a. Description of two success metrics that will be used to evaluate the plan: Stage one will be evaluated by analyzing how many qualified candidates were identified by the companys human resource division in view of resources expended, and whether the timeline set forth in Table 2 was achieved or how long it was delayed (and why).

b. Explanation concerning how suggested changes will be managed in the plan: Changes are inevitable in any type of project, and the two stages of the strategic plan are certainly no exception. There are some steps that project leaders can take to mitigate the adverse effects of incessant changes, including reviewing each proposed change to ensure it is really necessary, identifying the effects of any accepted changes on the subsequent stages of the project planning process, and providing stakeholders with timely communications concerning project budget status, progress, and anticipated obstacles.

c. Discussion concerning three challenges that might negatively affect the implementation of the strategic plan: The CEO transition initiative might be negatively affected by the resignation of the candidate hired to replace Morris or otherwise fail to satisfy the companys expectation for a CEO replacement. This challenge also applies to the newly hired female head of the female-oriented marketing division, but this stage of the strategic plan is also challenged by a lack of timely and relevant marketing research concerning female preferences and tastes in sporting goods and attire.

i. Discussion of a contingency plan for each anticipated challenge discussed in part C3c. The human resource division will ensure that the applications and other data concerning next-best suitable candidates who were originally assessed for the CEO placement and head of the female-oriented marketing division positions are kept at the ready in case the original candidates fails to satisfy the companys expectations or resigns. Besides these two contingency plans, the company will also make internal marketing research concerning female preferences and tastes in sporting goods and attire an ongoing priority.

4. Explanation concerning the strategic plan will be communicated to the internal and external stakeholders identified in A2. The communication plan for the companys internal stakeholders will include the corporate newsletter, announcements from the human resources division and the companys Intranet network with its supply chain partners. The communication plan for the companys external stakeholders will include its Web site and catalogs for both stages of the strategic plan and its customer relationship management applications to identify current female customers for stage two

D. Multimedia presentation for the leadership of your chosen organization that clearly outlines the key points of the business report

This element of the business report is provided in the accompanying PowerPoint presentation.


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