Identity Is Comprised Not Only of Internal Essay

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¶ … identity is comprised not only of internal characteristics but also of external characteristics. One is a product of one's place and one's time in both the micro and macro scale. On the macro scale, one is formed by the geo-socio-political situation of one's particular time in history, the particular place on the globe that one happens to be situated, and one's larger society that one lives in. On a micro scale, one is influenced by all those details intimate to him: the family orbit surrounding him, the culture that he grew up in, the experiences that happened to him and so forth.

Neuroscience, indeed, claims that one's brain is both 'embedded' and 'embodied' and in this way finds it almost impossible -- if not impossible -- to escape one's surroundings. One's brain is 'embedded' in that one is socialized into certain ways of thinking. Although some drastically transform their lives, going opposite (sometimes) to their socialization, these developmental traces of socialization linger and impact the individual's perception and, consequently, action on many significant matters, most of them unobserved by him.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Identity Is Comprised Not Only of Internal Assignment

Secondly, the brain, too, is 'embodied' meaning that mental heuristics compel the person to choose that which he is decidedly comfortable and familiar with, rejecting that which is alien, hence threatening to him. Socialized in a certain way and living in certain times, the person interacts with familiarity, and generally chooses views that reinforce his beliefs rather than those that go counter to them. This is called my-confirmation. A similar characteristic is that called naive realism where the person instinctively believes that he is right and the other wrong. The 'embeddedness' of the brain leads the person to think, hence act, in a certain way. To change either of these would be going against nature. It is in this way that the person's extraneous environment has an inseparable load in shaping his personalty and identity, and one can only know aspects of the self and the reasons for his character were he to become acquainted with -- and familiarly acquainted with -- the other's environment. That often means living in it, but goes far beyond. One has to travel each part of the way in the other's footsteps really experiencing the climate as the other does in order to form an opinion.

Many historical narratives flounder precisely because they lack this familiarity with the protagonist's environment. Not having lived there, historians can only take certain often contradictory details and play around with them deciding which to select and which to omit, but meantimes many more important pieces remain potentially unknown and the innuendos of the place and time -- the actual pieces behind the narrative details remains concealed and inaccessible to the historian. Event's in place and time are part of a conversation. They are contextual and naturally linked to innumerable other places that are, likewise, colored with contextual elements. To know them all means to live them. Which obviously the historian cannot do.

The difficulty that the historian faces and the many stories that, therefore, result in tantalizing incompletion can be exemplified by two symptomatic tales: the mysterious death of Silas Deane and the mysterious death of Mary Rogers.

Some deaths have always remained mysterious but these particular two had a web f details that to get to know them, historians would have to travel back to the past in order to do so. Both had contradictory and contextual pieces underlying their stories and inn both cases the reason for death and/or the murder remained unknown.

Silas Deane was a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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