Identity Self-Identity or Self-Concept Essay

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Because of this, an individual is treated as being of a certain gender (e.g., males are treated as if they believe they are males and vice versa). This gender binary limits the cultural expectations of males and females and interacts with cultural notions of gender roles to influence the child as to their own gender role and gender identity (Gagne and Tewksbury 1998). The gender identity begins is formed around the third year of life before the child believes that their gender is permanent (Money 1985). Gender identity is formed as children search for approval and social cues as to how to act although gender identity can be fluid when children are young cultural pressures discourage such fluidity and encourage binary gender identities and children. The development of gender identity begins early as parents choose sex-specific names, clothing and toys, and even plans for the baby once gender is known. The development of gender identity reaches a critical point in childhood due to such cultural influences (Money 1985).

Through culture children learn to understand the concept of gender, learned gender expectations for roles and attitudes toward the opposite gender, form their own gender identity, and identify with parental notions of gender identity and gender role of (Spack et al. 2012). Gender roles are defined by culture and play a large part in the gender identity of the child.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Identity Self-Identity or Self-Concept Is Assignment

Gender roles are fostered by parents and reinforced by parents and culture. Throughout the formative years especially school the child's gender identity is reinforced by the gender role. Preferences for same-sex playmates usually occurs around three to four years of age and the gender role influences gender identity the of this mechanism. In school-aged children the rules governing play, dressed, interactions, and acceptable behavior are determined by cultural gender roles and this contributes to the child's notion of their gender identity (Spack et al. 2012). By the age of six children typically have the understanding that their gender (biological gender) is a reversible and culture has indoctrinated in them a sense of gender identity strongly influenced by the cultural values and norms assigned to gender roles (Gagne and Tewksbury 1998).

Of course, some children struggle with this and develop gender identity disorder. In adolescence, peer pressures become important in determining gender role and gender identity and as the child gets older they may rebel from the more traditional cultural notions of gender role and gender identity (Spack et al. 2012).


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