II the History of Wireless Technology in China Term Paper

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¶ … History of Wireless Tech. In China

China Before the Wireless

Before the wireless technology was introduced, China had been among the many countries whose economy depends on the manufacturing industry. With a great population and a low-cost labor, China is involved in the manufacture of different goods and items particularly the parts and components of various electronic devices and computers.

The effect of culture on the introduction of wireless to China

Before the revolution of the wireless technology, China was known to have a conservative and simple culture. Most of the families in China live a simple life, with not much of the technology that progressive countries were already enjoying. Although China lives this way, they are not however unaware of new technologies. This is because the manufacture of different technology devices is done in China. This kind of culture brought a quick effect in the success of the introduction of the wireless technology. When wireless mobile phones became a trend, there had been great number of people who took the gradual change from living a simple life into living with what technology can offer them.

The roots

There are quite a number of wireless providers in China who took the lead in making the wireless technology a success. This includes the China Telecom, China Mobile, and the China Netcom. These are the companies that strive to compete with the service that wireless providers in other countries offer to their subscribers.

Beginnings and early history of wireless in China

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The use of the wireless technology only started in China a few years ago. It was in 2002 when there had a been a boom in the market of wireless devices and services. Major communication corporations started to include in their services the provision of wireless access aside from the wired communication capabilities that they were already providing. These days, strategies that can better wireless service are where major companies focus on. An online article indicates the following.

Term Paper on II the History of Wireless Technology in China Assignment

To date, the major Chinese domestic operators have formulated plans to expand WiFi access in public buildings, hotels, airports, cafes, and other areas those with mobile equipment seek hot spot receptivity.

Cultural Continuity and the Republic of China

Chengdu, Sichuan province's capitalm is an example that shows how the Republic of China can grow with the help of technology. According to Hao Kangli, the vice mayor of Chengdu, technology particularly the wireless can help in their economic growth (Intel.com).

The Republic of China used to be a poor country, with high population growth and low economic rate. However, the culture of China characterized by hard work, in an aim to have a better economy, is very visible in the success that they now harvest from their achievements in the wireless industry. China has a growing number of talented scientists who acquired various degrees in the different areas of study in technology. This aspect brings China with an edge against competing nations worldwide.

China's Wireless Today

Wireless technology is continuously expanding in China these days and is over-performing the market of wireless by big countries that have been in the industry of technology for many years now. According to Henry Wong of Silicon Valley,

The world's largest wireless market is China, not the U.S.A.," said Henry Wong, a senior… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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