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IKEA's mission is to provide a wide selection home furnishing products, which is low cost and stylish products at one-stop place. IKEA is a private company that is found in Sweden, where there are over 154 stores in 22 countries (IKEA Invades America, 2011). IKEA's target market is mainly to focus on low to medium income families by offering low cost furniture with a Scandinavian design. However, by offering furniture at a low cost, the quality of the furniture may not last a long time. To overcome this problem, the company plans to redesign the Scandinavian look into designs that the customers will be able to identify with (IKEA Invades America, 2011). In order to be this successful, the company has strong leadership skills.

With that, Ikea has the management strategies that leaders are part of team and the decision process. Leaders of the group are seen as part of the group decision making process by having a quality interaction between themselves and followers. The company does not want to be lacking in group thinking and conformity because the projects would not get done in time. In order to be an effective company, the leaders see to it they conform as one so that productivity can be increased to make high profits, which means they lead by example.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on IKEA's Mission Is to Provide a Wide Assignment

Another strength of IKEA management and leadership is about their full service that involves teamwork among managers and employees. That included children's playground, low-cost food restaurants and customer care service. This is a differential advantage over its competitors, as IKEA is the only one furniture company provides all kinds of service in one place (IKEA Presentation, 2008). Its in-store restaurants have low-priced and good quality food, so customers do not have to waste time going elsewhere for lunch. This is especially well-matched to their target market, such as families with low to medium income. People state that they go to IKEA because it is a convenient place for them to spend a whole day for the furniture shopping (IKEA Presentation, 2008), according to the IKEA Presentation that was surveyed on the internet. Therefore, this management and teamwork strength with the employees adds value to the company in a way that other furniture stores do not offer.

Furthermore, by showing they put customers needs first show great leadership and management qualities. Competition is very intense because there are other furniture companies that have a better quality of products since they do not have the low cost effect. However, having the low cost furniture and customers can test the furniture in the IKEA stores while having food available to them gives IKEA the advantage over their competitors.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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