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[. . .] Thus, the financial impact of illegal immigrants is hard to calculate. There are certainly other costs, especially in the detention of illegal immigrants who commit crimes in this country, as we have previously seen. These criminals have the same rights as any citizen, so they have the right to counsel and representation, and these costs are added into the judicial costs of the states. The federal government does reimburse some of these costs, but not all of them. "...but in 1999 these counties [in Arizona, Texas, and California] received only $12.4 million, or about one-eighth of their expenses" ("Do Harm?"). There are also the costs of deporting illegal criminals who have been convicted of crimes. Another direct cost of increased illegal immigration is the cost in patrolling the nation's borders for illegal border crossings. As illegal immigration has increased, the cost of patrolling the nation's borders has also increased. Since most illegal aliens enter the country through the border with Mexico, the Border Patrol has dramatically increased along this border, and this has increased costs. For example, "The strategy of these operations is to put a huge amount of manpower at these urban points [where immigrants cross] and force the illegal immigrants to enter from the open countryside, where the Border Patrol can more easily catch them" (INS). This increased manpower costs money, and in turn, costs Americans more in taxes and federal funding. In addition, many studies show that the cost in jobs to Americans is quite high, especially to those American workers who do not have a high school degree, or only have a high school degree. "The researchers estimated that between 128,200 and 194,700 native-born workers were displaced (were unemployed or had withdrawn from the labor force) by immigrants [in California]" ("The Cost"). Thus, illegal immigrants often displace workers in unskilled and lower paying jobs, which creates more of a burden on state and federal agencies, including welfare and unemployment offices. All of these costs add up to millions of dollars every year, and are part of the reason there is so much controversy surrounding illegal immigrants and how to handle them.

Term Paper on Illegal Immigrants to the United Assignment

What is the solution to the illegal immigration problem in the United States? First, the United States should help develop foreign economies of countries where immigrants come from. The trade agreement with Mexico helped create better paying jobs, and helped keep workers in their native country, rather than looking toward jobs in the United States. This is one way to help control immigration, while still improving the lives of the people in poorer countries. As the INS has shown, increasing border security can also help control illegal immigration. Increased patrols along the Mexican border have helped catch more illegal immigrants before they can enter the country, and keeps border communities safer. Another solution would be to find a way to quickly fit the illegal immigrants into the U.S. economy. An amnesty program in the 1980s gave illegal immigrants political amnesty, and allowed them to become United States citizens if they followed certain rules. Millions took advantage of this program, and today, many states are coming up with creative solutions to help the immigrants who are already living in their states. For example, "Some states, such as North Carolina and Utah, have made illegal immigrants eligible for driver's licenses" ("Introduction"). This helps the immigrants fit into society, and become productive more quickly and effectively. To keep immigrants from wanting to come to the United States, the country must help create political stability in immigrants' home countries, and make sure their economies are stable and successful.

The problem of illegal immigrants is not a simple issue, but there are many things which America and Americans can do to make sure that our country continues to be a haven for those who want to live better lives, while still making sure that her own population does not suffer as a result of this continuing immigration.


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