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In addition to all the above enforceable duties, the CPO is expected to also carry out various non-enforceable duties like giving voluntary speeches at meetings being held with the aim of preserving wildlife and forests and for their conservation, as well as giving important information through lectures aimed at school and college going students about the various issues concerning conservation, and also conducting or at the very least offering assistance at the various programs that are conducted with the aim of safety education in relation to areas such as snowmobiling or hunting or boating expeditions in the state of Illinois.

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The CPO is also expected to help out other law enforcement agencies during various rescue or search operations, as well as to educate or provide pertinent information about the conservation laws and procedures to other enforcement officers. In addition, the CPO's non-enforceable duties comprise of attending various training programs related to his duties as law enforcement official, which include learning how to administer First Aid to the injured, survival training methods for his own self-defense, such as the use of firearms, etc., and also learning about the different areas of expertise in his department such as 'forensics', the use of 'sonars', the use of the DUI and the OUI methods for the purpose of apprehending a person who may be using or operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol, and also the proper methods for the investigation of the accidents that happen on board a boat or even while hunting. (Illinois conservation Police, Early History)

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The DNR or the Illinois Department of Natural Resources states that its mission is to protect and manage and to conserve the various natural resources that the state of Illinois can very proudly boast of, and to provide those recreational opportunities to interested people that would not harm or spoil these natural resources in any manner. (Welcome: Illinois Department of Natural Resources) The Educational Department of the DNR was launched in the year 1995, with the primary aim of the development of educational methods and also of the training methods involved in the conservation of natural resources of Illinois, and also to provide hands on training for those persons wanting to indulge in the various outdoor activities that Illinois offers, such as snowmobiling, boating and hunting methods. (Educational information: Illinois Department of Natural Resources) The outdoor recreation in Illinois also includes birding or bird watching, biking or bicycling, and hunting and trail riding. (Outdoor Recreation: Illinois Department of Natural Resources)

Whatever be the activity of the police force and whatever may be the name by which they are referred to, the one fact that has to be remembered is that these dedicated officers make the parks of Illinois a safe and secure place in which a person could enjoy nature at her very best, without fear of the unknown hounding him at every turn. Today there are more than 40 park districts and forests and conservation parks in the state of Illinois, according to the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, and each department may either have a single law enforcement officer, or more than 150 officers in one department alone, according to the size and the necessity. After selection and a rigorous training procedure, these officers are expected to carry out their duties of routine patrolling of the allocated areas, something that reflects the patrolling activity of the usual law enforcement agency of that area, caring for the safety of the wildlife and the habitat of the forests they are in charge of, providing safety through enforcement of legislations regarding recreation and hunting and boating, and also making arrests for both the simple charge of the operation of boats while drunk, to that of murder. (Keeping our parks a safe place to play)

The Illinois Conservation Police generally patrol those areas in and around Byron, LaSalle, and also the Quad City's Nuclear Power Station, in addition to the areas of Dresden, Braidwood and the Heidecke Lake, the Lake Clinton, and the Lake Shelbyville on a daily basis, during their routine patrols. (Illinois Homeland Security) The program called 'Target Illinois Poachers' was created by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Office of Law enforcement in order to deal with the menace of the deadly 'poachers' who poach various animals and birds for their skin or feathers or their anything else that is valuable in the animal, without a conscience and with a total disregard for the laws that abolish poaching. Poaching can also be described as the illegal taking of a gaming or a non-gaming animal or a fish or any other resources. Such a reprehensible activity not only deprives legitimate gamesmen of their game, but also robs taxpayers of the benefits of the revenue that fishing and hunting brings about, and also deprives the future generation of the beauty of nature. (Target Illinois Poachers)

The anti-poachers program encourages the reporting of any poaching crime that a concerned citizen would wish to report to the concerned authorities, by way of providing a toll free telephone number, or through an e-mail address that would be used to report a crime that had already been committed, as different from an ongoing crime that would have to be reported immediately via the telephone. All such reports can be made in complete secrecy and the reporter's identity will be kept confidential to ensure his safety, and these reports will be forwarded to the concerned Conservation Police Officer for any action to be taken. (Target Illinois Poachers) As regards the issue of illegal baiting fields, the state of Illinois quotes this particular case as an example for the same. It was in the area of Rice Lake in the year 2002 that a particular CPO noticed that a person was carrying an over the limit of pintails as well as hen mallards with him. The CPO proceeded to issue a legal citation, and a further two persons found to be unlawfully carrying pintails without the necessary permission. (Office of Law Enforcement Activities during October 2002)

When the then president of the United States of America in 1989, President George Bush addressed the nation on the issue of drug abuse and how it can undermine the confidence of the entire nation, people began to sit up and take actual and serious notice of the fact that drug abuse was not a minor issue but was in fact a major topic of concern for the people of a country that had a lot of drug abusers. The president even felt that the entire system of justice was in fact being put through tremendous strain because of drug abuse; prisons were filled with these people, and the strength and economic resources of the nation was being severely tested, he said by drug abusers. It is a fact that there is no single community in the entire length and breadth of the world that can be considered to be entirely free of the threat of drug abuse. There are, however, certain measures and precautions that can be taken to prevent drug abuse. (People places and things)

Leaflets and pamphlets that describe in cold and clinical detail the effects of drug abuse on ones physical and mental health must be distributed, especially to vulnerable groups of people, encourage people's participation in hobbies and recreational activities such as boating and snowmobiling, etc., so that a large part of their time is spent outdoors doing strenuous physical activities, thus leaving them with very little time for self indulgence activities such as drug abuse. Meetings can be held for the purpose of lobbying and campaigning for tougher rules and regulations regarding laws on drug abuse, and the discussions can be forwarded to the concerned authorities in order to enable them to take the necessary action. (People places and things)

It is a fact that the Criminal Justice Planning Assembly of the state of Illinois decided, after a series of meetings, to formulate the essence of a plan for the state of Illinois that would deal with the meting out of criminal justice within the state based on a framework that would emphasis on a network that would allocate the funds necessary for dealing with juvenile and other types of crimes, and that would enable criminal justice to be carried out effectively. During the development of this strategy, the most important influencing factor was that of drug abuse assisted with the facts provided by the Illinois's Anti- Drug Abuse Act Edward Bryne Memorial Fund, and also of the increase in recent years of violent crimes. The facts show that drug abuse has in fact been steadily increasing over the years, and the arrest rates for drug abusers has also been increasing, in fact it has shown an increase over the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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