Illinois Department of Corrections Is a Complex Essay

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¶ … Illinois Department of Corrections is a complex agency that handles a wide variety of duties. The Director of the Illinois Department of Corrections is Gladyse Taylor and was appointed by the Govern of Illinois, Pat Quin, in 2010. Taylor is a native to Chicago and has worked within the Department for Corrections for several years. She also has a business degree from DePaul University (Illinois Department of Corrections 2012). As of 2005, there were 28 Adult Correctional facilities in operation by the IDOC. These facilities, along with work camps, boot camps, and other facilities retain more than 6,700 employees. Additionally, the IDOC serves a huge number of inmates as well. As of recently, there are around 49,000 adult inmates housed in these facilities. There are also are around 26,000 parolees that the IDOC has to supervise as well. Reducing recidivism is an important strategy for the department and for the state of Illinois as a whole. Thus, the IDOC has proposed a number of efforts to reduce recidivism rates. One of the main efforts is put out by Operation Spotlight, which tries to ensure a safer and smoother reintroduction by helping secure a place to live and employment for newly released inmates. Additionally, out of the 31 supermax prisons that are located in the entire United States, there is one in Illinois. This facility is located in Marion, Illinois, and is about 300 miles outside of Chicago.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Illinois Department of Corrections Is a Complex Assignment

Housing so many inmates is definitely a costly endeavor, both in terms of actual financial costs and effort in time and manpower. The 2011 Annual Report shows that per inmate, the Illinois Department of Corrections spends an average of $21,451 annually (Illinois Department of Corrections 2011). The state pays much less in terms of annual costs per parolee. In the state of Illinois, there were 15,204 parolees who were Black. This made up about 60.84% of the population. When… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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