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Images of aging have been observing some old people for some time now, and I have noticed some distinct outstanding features that set them apart from people of other age groups.

One of the most outstanding features is their positive attitude to life. On having lived a long life and experienced a lot of things, they know and have accepted life's vicissitudes. They, no longer, complain about why what happened in their lives. They would, in fact, tell you that they learned a greater deal from the bad situations in their lives.

This does not mean elderly don't complain at all. They would, especially complain about young generations' attitude towards life (which is usually care-free, seeking short-cuts in life, ingratitude etc.) and their treatment (or rather mistreatment) of important things/people in life including themselves. The latter is something that annoys them most, the reason clearly being their old age and amass experience.Due to which they demand for respect, which they quiet rightly deserve.

Another feature of the old people that can never go unnoticed is their continuous reiteration of their life's special moments with all the details, including who was present then and how they reacted. They would incessantly remind you of importance of principles in life (hard work, patience, tolerance, respect) and how they (the old people) implied them in their lives and succeeded.

While, remembering those moments, you can see how all the emotions they felt then, reappear, making the environment extremely nostalgic and stories, very interesting.

Another interesting part of their conversation is their witty sense of humor.

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One more thing that is very adorable is their absolute bluntness with zero percent of pretence.They ask for what they want, regardless of whether they know you or not and you can't help, helping them. They don't pretend to be anyone, they say what they want to, whether you like it or not. And they don't feel bad about it because they believe it's their right which is something everyone knows and therefore no one complains.

Term Paper on Images of Aging Assignment

But, however, someone's constant demand for attention can be very irritating. Some might pretend to be sick to get that extra care and attention. However, those who have been working all their lives (mainly men), could still love to work and remain involved in some activity or hobby. They might be very reluctant to help.

Some typical activities of old people are going to church or any holy place, gardening, reading newspapers for long hours and walking in the park. Old people don't like to be left alone and it may be one of many… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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