Imagining Myself as a Person in a Historical Setting Essay

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¶ … person in an historical setting.

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As a hunter-gatherer, there are a number of advantages to the adoption of farming techniques and to the transition of an agricultural way of life. One of the primary reasons that a farm-based economy and means of substance is preferable to that of a hunter-gatherer is due to the fact that agriculture is a more regular, regulated process with distinct seasons and largely predictable methods and outcomes, for the most part. Furthermore, the life of a farmer is significantly less dangerous than that of a hunter, which yields another example in the fact that an agricultural-based economy involves more of a population group than that of a hunter. Both women and even children can play significant roles in the farming and maintenance of crops, while societies that base their economy and means of sustenance upon hunting primarily rely on men -- and the fittest of men at that -- whose departure to hunt may leave the society unprotected and vulnerable to attacks from wildlife or from enemies. Additionally, it should be added that the food gained from livestock and farming is typically more than that gained from hunting, which allows for a surplus and food for times in which it may be disadvantageous to hunt -- such as in winter when game is scarce.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Imagining Myself as a Person in a Historical Setting Assignment

One of the things that many societies that transitioned from a hunting-gathering lifestyle to an agriculturally-based lifestyle did to improve crops and livestock over time was to design systems of irrigation to keep their crops watered. Such irrigation systems, such as those employed by Egyptian cultures who utilized the Nile River for such purposes, not only keep crops well-watered and tended to, but also tend to provide a source of water for livestock, as well. The systems of irrigation used by agriculturally-based societies increased in sophistication and efficacy over time, and helped to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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