IMC Program Essay

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IMC Program

How an IMC program that aims to achieve the goal of effectiveness should be evaluated

An integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaign aims to create a holistic and integrated approach to the advertising, public relations, and one-on-one sales used to sell a product or service. The effectiveness of an IMC campaign is evaluated based upon increased sales but also if the campaign conveys the same image and message in all of its promotional efforts, through its use of varied types of advertising media, and the memorable image and impression it leaves in the minds of consumers in terms of 'branding.' Of course, this evaluative process presumes that the original integrated idea is effective in nature. There needs to be a great deal of preliminary planning to find a message that is clear, simple, and direct and can be fully integrated all aspects of the multifaceted sources that are used to sell the product.

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For example, take a cereal company that is marketing a new whole grain cereal to children: the intended, overall message might be that the cereal is tasty yet healthy. Advertising must stress these two benefits, showing perhaps happy children dressed for an upcoming sports game consuming the cereal while their mother looks on, approvingly. Having a promotional campaign at local supermarkets that gave out toys with the cartoon character associated with the cereal would not be integrated marketing, unless the toy was something like a pedometer, or otherwise associated with fitness and health. The selection of such a message would be preferable to a generic message that promoted the taste of the product alone, as many children's cereals try to draw children to 'nag' their parents to buy them based upon their cuteness. This approach would try to make both children and parents want to buy the cereal, however, rather than have two separate marketing campaigns, the idea of 'fun' and health would be integrated across all of the channels used to spread the word about the product.

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This is not to say that an IMC promotional campaign cannot have different components: for example, to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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