IMC Strategy Exploring Research Paper

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The downside of promotional strategies are their lack of permanence and relatively quick lifecycles, lack of measures on effectiveness, and long-term timeframes often needed to shut them off (Johnston, Tennens, 2005).

Publicity and public relations (PR) are among the most critical aspects of any IMC, in that they share the most relevant and valuable information about a given product or service with the target market of prospective customers. PR looks much easier than it is to do well. The pros of a strong PR campaign as part of an IMC strategy are its ability to create greater name awareness, act as a catalyst of the entire IMC strategy, and also underscore the unique value proposition of the products or services being sold (Johnston, Tennens, 2005). The cons of PR are its imprecise nature, as it will often not be directly applicable to all prospects all the time, it's lack of measurability, and the short lifecycle of this strategy in the context of selling Anantachart, 2004).

Personal selling is the most critically important aspect of the IMC strategy as all elements are designed to enable a sale to be made. The pros of having this as part of an IMC strategy are its immediate revenue implications, continued development of customer relationships, and immediate feedback from customers on how a given product or service is meeting their needs or not (Holm, 2006). The downside of personal selling is that it is often very expensive, can take a long time to accomplish on costly products, and requires constant training to enable a sales team to do it effectively.


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Anantachart, S. (2004). Integrated Marketing Communications and market planning: Their implications to brand equity building. Journal of Promotion Management, 11(1), 101-125.

Holm, O. (2006). Integrated marketing communication: From tactics to strategy. Corporate Communications, 11(1), 23-33.

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