Immigrant Labor and Identity Term Paper

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The author then notes how Mexican-Americans add to the American economy with taxes and purchasing goods and services, and that many of the jobs they perform would go undone if left to the white community. The author also discusses the political parties' support and resistance to the proposed Proposition, and shows how Prop 187 was just one in a long history of U.S. laws geared to blaming economic and societal woes on immigrants. He also discusses how immigrant labor provides tax incentives for many businesses, and how many companies have left workers high and dry in the United States when they have taken their jobs overseas to China, Mexico, or India, to name a few. He also talks about how many ethnic studies have helped people understand the disparities that form between ethnic members of a society, and how to combat them.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Immigrant Labor and Identity Assignment

This article simply points out the realization that while we want to believe we are a nation above petty hatreds and ethnicities, we are not. We can still pass a blatantly racist law such as Proposition 187, and even if most of the law was not upheld in the court system, some of the elements of Prop 187 did indeed take effect, and racial hatred was continued. This article not only shows that racial hatred is still alive and well in the United States, it shows to what lengths some people will go to continue it. Proposition 187 was about more than just the lost rights of an entire ethnic group, it was about how intolerant white Americans can be, and how they tend to blame the problems of the country on a select few, while refusing to acknowledge their own participation in the country's woes. Proposition 187 was a wake up call for many Americans, but unfortunately, not for many others, as racial hatred still exists in this country, and it seems… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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