Immigration in France a Greater Term Paper

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The Maghrebis practice has not gone down well with the secular French society (Shen, 2009). The French press continues to discriminate against North Africans religious beliefs. The press has also contributed in fuelling racism. Given that the French colonized Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria, the French still have the feeling that they should still continue to dominate them culturally and politically (Shen, 2009). They think that they are mentally superior to the Maghrebis. African immigrants continue to be looked at as second class citizens who only deserve doing undesirable jobs. The memory of decolonization makes the French to continue discriminating against North Africans characterized with violent return repressed colonized past. Hostility towards North African immigrants is probably fuelled by unresolved memories of the Algerian War (Shen, 2009). The French might still be nurturing bitterness of having lost Algeria despite their conviction that Algeria was part of the French territory because of its geographical proximity to France. North Africans living suburbs live under squalid conditions that have often necessitated widespread violence (Shen, 2009). This has made the French people to associate high crime rates with immigrants with North African descent.

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The French tend to apply double standards in the way they handle immigrants from different parts of the world. Religious and colonial experiences have played a greater role in this aspect. North Africans as opposed to South East Asians are subjected to public discrimination and prejudice. South East Asians are offered better economic chances (Shen, 2009). They are also more favored socially. This has made it quite easy for them to integrate into French culture and way of life.

Term Paper on Immigration in France a Greater Assignment

The Maghrebis reside in areas where there were industrial jobs that were low-skilled and non-discriminatory (Fargues, 2004). These industrial jobs have since become scarce or have equally disappeared from big cities where prices of parcels of land have shot up. Proprietors of these industries are very reluctant to employ African immigrants (Combes, Decreuse, Laouenan, & Trannoy, 2010). They have therefore been left with the option of either working in rural areas where there are myriad low-skilled non-discriminatory jobs or encouraging the location of low-skilled jobs across cities to improve access of minorities to employment. Because of the rampant discrimination in the French rental market African immigrants have been locked public housing. Discrimination met out on African in the labor market is at times supported by those people who argue that African workers need crucial skills to improve their employment perspectives (Combes et al. 2010). They are generally perceived to be less educated. Labor market discrimination also significantly contributes to residual unemployment disparity. Labor market discrimination is the reason behind lower employment prospects for the Maghrebis. Customers often reuse to buy goods and services from shops that employ non-native employees. Employers also refuse to hire minority workers by internalizing their white customers'disutility of buying goods and services from minority workers (Combes et al. 2010).

Housing discrimination, racial segregation and lack of networking have contributed to low residential mobility among the African immigrants. They cannot move from one labor market to another (Combes et al. 2010). The job opportunities are tied on the characteristics of their residential local labor market.

Immigrant children are discriminated against on basis of their names and skin color. Graduate immigrants are also discriminated against in the labor market in utter disregard of equal opportunity (Borjas, 1994). African immigrants are referred to as black-white Arabs. Graduates with North African origin are never represented among executives in business, politics, or even television. There has never been a Miss France of North African origin. Young men aged 25 to 34 years have been greatly affected by discrimination because they have to live with the fact that there are places where they cannot stay; there are jobs they cannot do no matter their education qualification; and before entering any discotheque they have to resign to undergoing security checks that involves showing their IDs or risk getting arrested by law enforcing agencies. The veil issue that received a lot of attention in the year 2004 has made Muslim women to feel as though the society has rejected them. Immigration laws have been made to target the Muslim population that is often associated with terrorism. Islam is perceived to be a threat to Christianity and French secularism (Entzinger, 1985). The police associate unrests in French suburbs with North African immigrant children who occupy housing units that have been vacated by French middle class who have relocated to other areas because of their newly acquired economic status. Neighborhoods where the immigrants stay lack public transport system.

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