Impact of American Popular Culture Overseas Term Paper

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Popular Culture

TOPIC: Term Paper on Impact of American Popular Culture Overseas Assignment

According to a senior intellectual the collapse of the Nation is based on the failure of the intellectual, cultural, political and economic policies of the state, it is important to understand that the dominance of cultural and social features lead towards the economic and political aspirations, and therefore it has been observed that many countries in Africa and Asia have adhered by the cultural and social practices of European and North American to nullify the might and support towards the authoritarian regime (David, 2002). The democratic principles of the European and North American countries have always fascinated the local population of the Asian and African countries. Apart from democratic principles, the quality of the living standards has turn the local population of the African and Asian countries, in particular, motivated towards the practices of North America and European countries. The Asian population has always referred to the practices in United States, although has also referred to the practices in European countries in some of the cases, the question then rose that why the local population of the rest of the world always refer to the citizens and the government of the United States, the reason is that because the government of United States have provided social and cultural relief to their people, as per constitution of the United States, the citizens enjoy the freedom to enjoy their life as per their wishes and aspirations, provided that their activities do not affect and damage the fellow citizens, however in the case of Europe, the religious fervor is added to the cultural values and interpretation, which might not be applicable in some of the countries in Asian and African, due to religious difference. The major highlight of the American culture is that religion has been ousted, and its role has been subjugated by free will and principles of liberty. The Asians, Africans and some of the Europeans have therefore always tried to transpire their cultural and moral understanding as per the cultural practices and social ideology of North Americans (Lopez, 1993). The American constitution has provided the Americans with the freedom to choose their personal course, and has never influenced their moral, social, cultural and religious understanding. This practice has been welcomed and appreciated by the local population of Asian and Africans countries, where the population is mainly suppressed by the authoritarian and democratic regimes, which have gained power through malpractice and malfunctioning of the democratic institutions, therefore the betrayal and deception experienced by the local population of Asian and African countries by their own rulers have extremely distort their social, cultural and religious understanding, and in protest the society has referred to American role model, and has tried to adopt their local features, however the adoption is unexpected to bring instant changes, but there is always a possibility of revolution, because sooner or later the suppressed and vandalized citizens of such countries are expected to develop their understanding of the human rights and liberty, as per the injunctions of American culture, therefore there is constant threat of social awakening, on cultural pretext, which will bring political revolution. It is not only the democratic principles which have influenced and captivated the locals of Asian and Africans countries towards American culture; rather the technological revolution inside America is viewed as a possibility by the Asians and Africans to rectify the social, political, educational and health care inefficiencies, and a suitable approach for the settlement of chaos (Lopez, 1993). The technological advancement of the United States in the field of science and space has influenced the approach and living standard of common American citizen, and each American has been able to benefit from the technological advancement by the American government sponsored agencies and research institutes, this has deeply influenced the cultural and moral understanding of the American population, and a dramatic change has been observed in the American living standard soon after technological revolution, such phenomena has inspired the local population of the Asian and African countries, therefore alienated countries has attempted and preferred to adopt the American lifestyle, and cultural behavior without any complain or regrets (Ting, 1991). Critically, such adoption of cultural behavior and approach is meaningless, the Americans did not adopt such cultural approach from any group or civilization, instead it was the economic, social, education, healthcare, technological and political development of the country that has evolved the American culture, the living standard of an average American citizen has not changed or improved to magnificent level, but yes there has been change and positive trend has been observed, but such changes are common in many other parts of the world as well including Japan, Britain and Australia (David, 2002). The adoption of the cultural values is meaningless unless the essence of such cultural values is practiced, if the American adopted and followed a culture, is was much because that was more compatible to their social and professional commitments, therefore we observed that Americans preferred casual cloths over suites, the Americans are more concentrated towards their performance and struggle to achieve the success through quickest and informal proceedings, where as British are more inclined towards formal proceedings, and have therefore being inefficient as compare to Americans, who have proved themselves to be efficient and effective towards their professional and social commitment. The Asians and Africans have adopted reverse course, the social population is expected to adopt the cultural approach and behavior of the American population with the hope that such changes will influence and improve their economic and social conditions, which is more hypothetical than practical. It has been observed that the adoption of American culture and approach has been responsible for the popularity and the growth of American products (Zelli, 1993). According to the research that was conducted in the third world countries of Asia and Africa, it was observed that many of the societies and tribes have attempted to adhere by the American culture, not because of social and political motivation of Americans, but only because such tribes were influenced and captivated by American fashion and glamour life, which in actual is misinterpretation. If most of the Americans own car, it is because the distance between their work place and their residence is so far that it is difficult to commute through many other source or mediums at shortest possible time, secondly the American banking system is strong enough to offer leasing incentives to the local population, however in Asian and African countries the local population has discarded their economic stringencies and have preferred to own a car, without any purpose, only to look and feel like Americans, such mentality has tried to justify their actions by linking it with the Americans however the cases are entirely different, the American culture is based on their need, it is not based on their convenience or preference (Swann, 1996). The research also observed that many of local population prefer fast food, and avoid their traditional food, although such adoptions are extremely meaningless, and are responsible for the further aggravation of the economic and social conditions of the local population. The American prefer fast food because the Americans have tough routine, and every member of the family is working, therefore it is difficult for such American families to cook food for the family, in many of the cases, therefore for the sake of convenience the Americans prefer fast food, so that they can eat good in an effective manner, and have more time for their professional commitment, it is the economic and technological progress of the country that has demanded immense contribution from the local Americans, and therefore the Americans have no other option but to make their activities short-timed and efficient. In the case of Asia, it is only Japan and China where the living standards have improved to phenomenal level, due to the social, economic and technological advancement of these countries, such countries have more resemblance with the American lifestyle from professional and social aspects, therefore the local population of only these countries can really fit in to the criterion for the adoption of the American culture.


The American culture is expensive to be adopted and practiced, the Americans have enough money to bear their expenses, the local Asian and African populations do not inherit enough finances to be and feel like Americans. However, as mentioned before the population of the developed Asian countries including Japan and China are in position to adopt American culture, not because the Chinese and Japanese can afford that, but it is mainly because it is their requirement. The Europeans has also adopted the cultural outfit of American, with certain amendments, but that is only because it is the economic and technological development of European countries, that has compel the Europeans to adhere by American culture. The research also observed that after a comparative analysis of Japanese, Chinese, European and American culture, it was observed that American culture was extremely efficient, flexible and effective in terms of adoption and was favorable under… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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