Impact of Colonization on Native Americans Essay

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The beaver ponds were habitats for fish and they were also water sources for the moose, deer, and other animals. The Europeans also introduced pigs that they allowed to forage freely in the forests and other open lands (Sutton, 2016). The pigs consumed food that was depended upon by deer and other indigenous species that resulted in a scarcity of the game that the natives hunted. Pigs are known to be eaters of anything and by them being introduced in the Americas they ate all the food leading to the decrease in the number of the animals that the native Americans would hunt for food. The natives believed in eating meat and they would never rear animals instead they used to hunt for their food. A decrease in the number of animals meant that they had to go further for hunting purposes and this resulted in increased conflict amongst the tribes.

Demarcation and PrivatIzation of Land

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Native Americans believed that land was a resource that should be held in common for the benefit of the tribe. However, this differed with the European idea regarding land. The Europeans believed the land should be private property that is owned by a single individual and should be kept in private ownership. The colonizers wanted to keep the land for themselves, A person would identify a piece of land and they would go ahead and build fences around the land. They would also demarcate land as private property that should not be used by anyone else. The demarcation resulted in the natives finding some areas are off limits and this impacted their seasonal moving traditions (Sutton, 2016). The natives would move from one place to another to take advantage of resources and this was now harbored by the colonizers who insisted on having private rights to land.

The Introduction of Christianity

Essay on Impact of Colonization on Native Americans Assignment

In order to continue acquiring native land, the Europeans introduced Christianity to the natives. According to Dalal (2015) this was meant to break the traditions of the natives and have them embracing the traditions of Christianity. By eliminating the native culture, it would be easy for the Europeans to acquire land from them easily. In order to achieve this cultural domination, there were numerous massacres that took place of the people who refused to embrace Christianity (O'Fallon & Fehren-Schmitz, 2011). This resulted in a reduced number of natives. The natives who survived were forced onto reservations that had little resources so as to limit their survival. The colonialist strategy was not limited to adults only, they also employed it on children. Having noticed that the native Americans would pass on their culture through oral communication from the older generation to the younger generation, the colonialist would take the children and separate them from their families by placing them in distant boarding schools. While there they would be banned from speaking their native language. This was also meant to reduce their interaction with their parents, which would reduce the chance of their community surviving. While it has been observed that the traditions of Christianity were almost similar to those of the natives, the Europeans preferred it that the natives drop their traditions and embrace Christianity.

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