Impact of Drug Abuse on Students 10-18 Research Proposal

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Key words and search terms that I will use will include: “drug abuse teens,” “impact drug abuse school children,” “impact drug use developed countries,” “drug abuse developed world,” and “drug abuse effects youth.” These keywords should return a variety of different literature sources that pertain to the topic. Journal articles will likely also contain key words that can be used to conduct further searches.

My timeframe for this framework is 2 weeks for searches and reviews, which should allow for numerous searches to be conducted. The returns can then be analyzed by looking at abstracts and titles to determine which apply to the topic and which do not. The reason for two weeks is that this will be enough time to read over and select enough sources for a literature review.

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Inclusion criteria will consist of the subject relating to “youths” and “school children between the ages of 10 and 18,” and the studies must be based on populations in the developed world. Exclusion criteria will be any study that is more than 15 years old and that does not address the issue of the “impact” of drug abuse on this population. The data analysis plan is to organize content thematically and analyze content in this manner. Grey literature will be used, such as UN studies, as it applies accordingly. The timeframe for this project overall is 1 month as this will be sufficient time to review literature, organize and analyze data, and write up a report: 2 weeks for review, 2 weeks for organization and analysis, and 1 week for writing.

Limitations of the Study

Research Proposal on Impact of Drug Abuse on Students 10-18 Assignment

Limitations of the study include the population size, for drug abuse is not just an issue that affects young people. It also affects older persons. Also the study does not address mitigating factors that may impact why a child uses drugs. There could be issues of trauma that are involved, but this is not addressed, as the study primarily focuses on the impact. However, this information will be helpful for addressing the issue of interventionism (Bonyani et al., 2018; Waller, Finch, Giles & Newbury-Birch, 2017).


This study aims to address the impact of drug abuse on school-aged children in the developed world. Drug abuse among this population is especially important to study because of the vulnerable age of this group. Because the culture of the developed world regarding drugs and their acceptance is changing, it is important to know what effect this is having on children so that a proper intervention can be prepared.

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