Impact of Project Management Strategies on the Acquisition of International Contracts Research Proposal

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¶ … Project management Strategies on the acquisition of International contracts

International Contracts

Tools and data analysis

The research proposal is prepared to express interest in investigating the relationship between Project management strategies and acquisition of international contracts. The specific strategies adopted for managing a project are particularly important in providing detailed contract requirements, contract strategies and international contract management. The terms and conditions defined in the project are included through a negotiated process. There is always room for including and excluding certain conditions according to the adopted strategy of project management. The international contracts are also awarded on the basis of thorough adoptability of project management principles. The international contracts acquisition is also facilitated through demonstration of resources inducing human resources, operating procedures, and expertise, and experience in handling such projects (Sears, Sears, & Clough, 2010).

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The following proposal suggests a through qualitative approach for assessment and investigation of the impact certain project management strategies exert on the acquisition process of international contracts. A brief introduction of engineering project management strategies and international contracts is elaborated in the sections below. The, terms of assessing the aims and objectives of the research along with the detailed research methodology is also described below. Furthermore the tools used for data analysis, expected outcome of the research, and completion time are defined in accordance with the study proposal.

2- Engineering project management strategies:

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Impact of Project Management Strategies on the Acquisition of International Contracts Assignment

The engineering project management in principle is based on the similar grounds as overall project management. According to Miller, and Lessard (2000) however the front end engineering of institutional arranges and strategic system is largely dependent on successful strategies rather than concrete aspects of project engineering and management. The successful project management with respect to the engineering paradigm is mostly concerned with the ownership rights, provisional contracts, and engagement terms. These terms also lead to a negotiated contact providing a basis for financial sustainability of the project. The partnering agreements for engineering, procurement, and construction are also a notable aspect providing a leveraged ground for large engineering projects. The owner contractor relationships are also significant in lucrative cost gains, project schedule, and delivery. The novel practices in project management are also significantly contributed towards a successful project completion. The engineering project management strategies should incorporate functional specification, participatory engineering, design-build contracts, and frame devices. The incorporation of novel engineering practices provides essential elements of cost reduction and short schedules (Walesh, 2012; Kerzner, 2013).

2.1- International Contracts:

The contracts provide a framework for relationships between both parties. The complexity of relationship is determined through interfaces, specification, design features, conditions, and procedures laid out in the documents. Project management as whole is a vast subject and it covers various aspects of the project from conception to finalization. The project management includes two distinct dimensions of a contact including contract strategy and contract management. The contract strategy is denoted as selection of contract, numbers, type and content, contract terms, and conditions of the contract. The contract strategy determines the needs of the project and management styles appropriate for the project. After securing the contract, management of contract has to incorporate the correct use of the conditions present in the agreement (Wright, 2007). The international contracts also consider incoterms, arbitration clauses, and applicable legal jurisdictions (Tonchia, 2008).

3- The aims and objective:

The aims and objectives of the research mainly revolves around the project management strategies, International contracts, and the impact of adopting project management strategies on acquisition of International contracts. The primary aim is to identify and define the successful strategies of project management. The secondary aim is to highlight the relevant clauses of project management that are relevant for dealing with the contracts. The mechanism for securing International contracts and their management is also a relevant subject that should be understood in detail. The international contractors are also required to adhere to the project management principles and demonstrate their working procedures in order to assert their authenticity. The objective of the research is to analyze the impact of certain project management strategies on securing and management of international contracts. The research will also provide a framework model for international contractors to incorporate novel project management strategies.

4- Research Methodology:

The research provides a basis for expert practice and also used to identify and formulate new paradigms of a subject. The paradigm of research refers to the application, objectives, and enquiry in order to offer a conformation or different perspective of a subject. The current study follows a process for formulating the problem that is to identify and gauge the impact of project management strategies on international contracts (Krueger, 2009). The identification of research problem is followed by the research planning. It includes the conceptual model for research design elaborated in below section. The methods of data collection, and sample selection are also covered under the research design. The study report is prepared and written on the basis of collected and reviewed data. The data collected will also be processed and analyzed to conclude valuable results.

5- Research Design:

The study design is conceptualized in accordance with the qualitative research requirements. The available literature from authentic and reliable academic sources is reviewed in order to formulate the basic grounds for developing an understanding. The literature review will also provide the basic knowledge, help in designing a theoretical, and conceptual framework for research. The qualitative research paradigm will also be enhanced through deployment of case study of an international contractor managing to secure contracts through fulfillment of project management principles and efficient strategies. The method of data collection used to identify and review literature will include usage of library and online academic resources. The international academic and professional journals, academic books, and case studies of professional organizations including Project Management Associates (PMA) will be included for review. The ethical considerations will also be catered through appropriately referencing used materials including academic and professional sources (Krueger, 2009; Flick, 2011).

5- Tools and data analysis:

The tools used to analyze statistical data for research should also be used in accordance with the requirements. Since the study is based on qualitative research design it is least likely that statistical data will be analyzed. However certain figures might be considered for reporting and analysis. The data gathered during literature review and case study analysis will be presented in the form of relevant tables. In order to analyze data IBM SPSS will be used as a software package. The data and findings identified during the research will be analyzed in accordance with the theoretic and conceptual framework developed through literature review.

6- Expected out comes:

The impact of strategies adopted in project management will be evaluated in terms of their relationship with international contracts. The outcome of literature review is expected to develop a linkage between the project management principles and project management. Later the incorporation of the theoretic and conceptual framework will be helpful in determining the impact and relevance of the project management on international contracts. It is also expected that the research will propose and validate a model for enhancing the relevance of strategies in project management for international contracts. The consideration of terms and conditions in international contracts are also relevant in relation to the adopted strategies and management of the project. The study will contribute in developing a framework for the notable project management principles essential in securing and managing international contracts. The research is expected to benefit the international organizations involving project management for their operations especially in engineering will be widely benefited.

7- Timeline:

The time required to complete the project is allocated in accordance with the activity details. The research planning is a crucial part of the study therefore one month is designated for the activity. After planning the research the literature review will be conducted in order to provide a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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