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Extraterritoriality extends to foreign states or international organizations as entities and to their heads, legations, troops in passage, war vessels, mission premises, and other assets. It exempts them, while within the territory of a foreign sovereign, from local judicial process, police interference, and other measures of constraint ("Extraterritoriality")."

Was the United States involvement beneficial or harmful or both to the local people

New Imperialism-first adopted by European powers- has forever altered the relationship been the United States and Latin American nations. The actions of the United States were harmful to the local people. In many instances various Latin American nations have been forced to spend a great deal of money defending themselves from Americas Imperialism. As a result many Latin American countries suffer with high profit rated and substantial unemployment.

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The strategies used by the United States are problematic because the highest form of capitalism is imperialism according to V.I. Lenin. Lenin explains that "In the backward colonial peoples, argued Lenin, capitalism had found a new proletariat to exploit? And from the enhanced profits of such imperialism it was able to bribe at least the more skilled workers at home into renouncing revolutionary fervor and collaborating with the bourgeoisie ("The New Imperialism")." In other words imperialism allowed for the proliferation of capitalism into new regions and populations. As a result nations such as the United States could convince highly skilled workers not to revolt. This tactic was beneficial to the United Sates but detrimental to the local people of various Latin American countries.

What lasting impact United State involvement had in Latin America

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Many Latin American countries have difficulty maintaining a high quality of life for citizens. This is due in part from Americas influence and ability to exploit these nations economically. In addition in places such as Cuba, American sanctions have been extremely detrimental to the people of the country because it limits trade with the United States. As a result many Cubans attempt to leave the country each year. As a result of Americas Wet Foot Dry Foot policy, Cubans who can get to American territory can gain amnesty and will not be deported back to Cuba. Conditions that exist in Cuba are also present in other places throughout Latin America and the major outcome of imperialism is the instability of various Latin American governments.

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