Implications of Drug Addiction Term Paper

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The public policies of U.S. government are more directed towards punishing and penalizing the victims and related game makers rather than treating and preventing addiction. The outdated public policies such as mass incarceration of nonviolent drug offenders have failed to cope up with the prevalent social demands of a stabilized public health and prevention approach to the drug addiction.

The partner programs have come out to be more successful in meeting the challenges of eliminating drug addiction from society (Friedman, 2006). Their mass awareness programs have mobilized parents to keep a critical eye at the suspicious activities of their children which significantly contributed to the discouragement of teenagers for abusing drugs. Similarly, the NGOs have approached the educational institution to directly communicate with teenagers for enriching them with sufficient knowledge about a healthy lifestyle.

Alternative Responses to Drug Addiction

Improvement in Public Policies

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There more strict policies are required to be introduced for strengthening the monitoring criteria highly focused at keeping a check at regular prescriptions, pharmacy sales trends and teenagers' behaviors at the public points. The government should develop committees at local levels to curb the drug addiction by directly monitoring the community trends. The agencies related with drug abuse reduction and health stability should be directed strictly to ensure channelization of drugs and their utilization. The U.S. needs to allocate more funds for successful execution of its various programs like Washington's Prescription Monitoring Program aimed at ending drug addiction.

Domestic Check

Term Paper on Implications of Drug Addiction Assignment

The parents are the one who can keep a direct check at their child and can save him from getting indulged in any life-threatening activity (Friedman, 2006). Parents should ensure that all prescription drugs are firmly locked and are out of reach of the children. They must be encouraged to get their children tested for ascertaining their doubts about children's addiction. Parents are also required to maintain a friendly relation with their children so that the child feels open to discuss even his negative practices.

Rehabilitation Programs

The Government must pay extensive heed to rehabilitating the drug abusers at all the big public hospitals of the state at minimal treatment charges.

Apart from restraining the people to get addicted to drugs, it is equally important to help this spoiled section of society return towards a normal life. The rehabilitation programs should also integrate counseling sessions to wipe out the negative traits and addictive attributes from an abuser's personality.

Negative Consequences of the Alternative Responses

Though integrating such type of alternative responses to combat drug addiction at public and private forefront would not be an easier task. There can be some negative consequences also like:

As U.S. has been facing the problem of budget deficit, it would have to cut down the funds in some other areas to accommodate the funding required for introducing rehabilitation programs for people addicted to drugs.

The excess apprehensions of parents towards their children regarding the parents can result in increased frustration among the youngsters yielding to multiple personality disorders and an urge to seek diversion from the excess domestic check.

The communities themselves would indulge in serious protests to discourage the serious intervention of committees that would disturb the peace and stability of society.


Hence it can be concluded that the problem of drug addiction has become the most significant social problem of current era as it lies at the base of other social problems. In the current competitive era, U.S. cannot afford to leave the perilous issue of drug addiction unaddressed. Youth is the section of society that will trigger the progression and development of U.S. more than any other age group. It is drastic requirement coined by the current uncertain social trends to ensure the healthier lives of teenagers so that they can contribute towards the economic and social stability of U.S. with more productive and stabilized approach. The active collaboration between parents, public and private sector organizations and medical practitioners is immensely required to deal drug addiction with a proactive approach.


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