USA Patriot Act: Impact on American Society Essay

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g., the Texas Rangers and the directors of these agencies are appointed by the state governor. Local law enforcement agencies enforce law in rural and unincorporated regions. These include county and municipal enforcement agencies.

Challenges Facing Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Roles of the Federal, State, and Local Court Systems with Respect to Public Safety and Civil Rights

The primary challenge facing federal, state, and local enforcement agencies in relation to public safety and civil rights is public trust. Over the years, and mainly as a result of police-related brutality and killing of black men and women, law enforcement agencies have suffered a significant erosion on public trust. The other challenge is recruitment and retention. All law enforcement agencies are facing challenges in hiring and retaining qualified and experienced personnel, which limits public safety. The role of federal, state, and local court system is to ensure fairness and that justice to all, which is the fundamental principle governing public safety and civil rights.

Objectives of Probation, Parole, and Correctional Organizations in Regard to Public Safety and Individual Rights

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The objective of probation, parole and correctional organizations is to rehabilitate those who have been found guilty of a criminal office. In doing so, these organizations help to promote public safety by restricting or supervising the guilty individual and at the same time, upholds individual rights by ensuring that the rehabilitation facilities and conditions are humane. More specifically, probation and parole offer offenders an opportunity to effect positive change in their lives in an out of jail environment. On the other hand, correctional facilities intent to rehabilitate through training, an offender, before he/she returns to the public and contribute to nation-building.

The Privatization of Government Services with Respect to Policing, Courts, and Corrections

Essay on USA Patriot Act: Impact on American Society Assignment

Due to limited resources, the government has resulted in privatization of nonessential police services, courts, and correctional services. As such, the contracting private agencies run such service for profit. Even though at the theoretical level privatization of policing, courts, and correctional services might sound viable, practically, it is a recipe for disaster. This is particularly relevant in the court system, as only the government can be trusted to a greater degree to prosecute cases in a fair and just manner. Nevertheless, with the appropriate policy in place, privatization is an effective management tool, especially in the provision of services to cover the gap left due to government insufficiency. An example is on policing where private security firms protect over 85% of critical infrastructure within the USA.

The Role of Corporate or Private Security

Private security has grown to become an essential part of the delivery of security to products, customers, employees, and business facilities. The role of private security is to fill in the gaps that have been left by the public security sector. As a result, private security officers work in lobbying security, gate security, to prevent loss, and ensuring event security among other roles. in light of the USA PATRIOT Act, the private sector can assist in law enforcement through activities that have the potential to being counter-terrorism measures. Private security officers are normally the or the potential first line of defense to any possible terror attack targets e.g. critical infrastructure, and mass gatherings in public spaces among others.

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