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¶ … birth control and argue why birth control should be taught in the nation's schools to help America's young people engage in safer sex. A policy of abstinence is abdicated by some as a way to combat premarital and teen sex. However, abstinence is not a viable alternative for most young people. Therefore, birth control should be encouraged and young people should learn about the different forms of birth control in school, so they can have safe choices and knowledge before they face the issue of premarital sex.

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While on the decrease, teenaged pregnancy is not going away. One Web Site notes, "8,589 babies were born to teenagers in 2002 (decrease of 6,888 births from 1998). These babies will fill more than 505 kindergarten classrooms in 2007" ("Gift of Life," 2003). Many of these babies will face additional problems and poverty because they were born to children themselves. Many of these young mothers will never finish high school, and face dismal prospects in the job market and throughout life. In addition, the United States "boasts" the highest teen pregnancy rate and teen birth rate in the industrialized world. Even more disturbing is that over 25% of teen mothers will have another child within two years of their first ("Gift of Life," 2003). These figures are disturbing, but they indicate just what a huge problem the U.S. faces in teen pregnancy, and why birth control should be taught in schools around the nation. Making teens more aware of themselves, their bodies, and their reproductive choices could save many teens from a lifetime of parenthood before they are prepared, and in actuality save the country millions of dollars in social programs and health care costs. In addition, most countries around the world advocate birth control choices for their citizens, and so, they have fewer problems with teen pregnancy and premarital sex. The United States often seems Puritanical in its societal beliefs, and sometimes this old-fashioned thinking gets in the way of social progress and reform.

Term Paper on Importance of Birth Control Assignment

Poverty is also a crushing problem in our country, and sadly, most young, unmarried mothers fall far below the poverty levels in America. Life can be very hard for these young families, and it can be incredibly difficult for them to climb out of poverty and into the middle class, which offers more educational and economic opportunities. Not only do many teen mothers face a life of poverty and difficulty after they give birth, they also place an additional burden on the social services of the country. Many young mothers cannot work, because they dropped out of high school to have their baby and they simply do not have the skills necessary to get decent employment. They end up on welfare and food stamps, and this is a drain on social services for everyone. Some of these young mothers will manage to better themselves, but many will not, and that affects all Americans.

There is another very compelling reason to push for birth control… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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