Importance of Human Resource in Determining the Quality in Other Department Essay

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Human Resource Setup in a Clinical Environment

Developing a quality human resource initiative is instrumental in illuminating to other departments namely the marketing and the finance department. Technically, the human resource facilitates the recruitment, training, and development of staff. In a clinical environment, there are a diverse human resource prospect namely, nurses, secretary, physicist and radiation therapists among others. The thesis behind human resource department is on its ability to affect other departments collectively through the provision of skilled and unskilled expertise. Indeed, in a clinical setup, human resource determines the nature and quality of recruitment. This analysis will be instrumental arguing that the human resource department is the chief department expected to illuminate on the development and quality of other departments. The analysis will appoint smiling faces pediatric oncology clinic as a suitable case study. The analysis is segmented into two main sections: Part a will present feedback in favor of the human resource approach against finance and marketing while Part B will attempt to present discussion seconding the presentation.

Part a.


Strengths of the work:

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According to the above extract, it is coherent to note that the specified health management mechanism meets the requirements of the jurisdiction of Michigan. Primarily, the health management plan is distributed in vital organizational departments, human resource and staffing finance management and marketing department. Each department has an obligation to contribute to the aggregate production of the process. Secondly, the organization's approach is designed to ensure that the organization is well accepted by different players. In this respect, concern is directed on organizations to develop quality control mechanism.

b) Identify areas for expansion or clarification

Essay on Importance of Human Resource in Determining the Quality in Other Department Assignment

Although various departments operate in the same threshold, it is good to note that there is a derived necessity to ensure that the human resource and staffing department need expansion and proper clarification. Recently, the ever-increasing number of patients with special attention has been overwhelming the clinic-installed capacities. As a result, there is a necessity to recruit more staff members, especially in the outpatient department, and the home follow-up plans. In this regard, the organization should develop a legal and contractual relationship with employees. The employees should receive initial orientation on the nature of duties that the organization should expect from them. In addition, issues related to personal conduct and job responsibilities should be addressed at this point. With time, employee performance should be evaluated on the best scheme analysis to ensure employees are best fit to respond different organizational challenges.

Assessment of appropriateness of the approach

Essentially, patient handling is an integral prerequisite that should conduct. Therefore, an appropriate team is one that seeks to respond to divergent demands of the organization. In this regard, the above mention approach will be appropriate since it will maintain compliance to the organization, national and international standards. In this regard, patients will appreciate the good services rendered. Secondly, this approach is imperative since it will relieve the aggregate burden of monitoring. The newly oriented staff will apply philosophic theories; for instance, moral collectivism to manage themselves at an individual level. Thirdly, the top management and stakeholders will stand a better position to relinquish decisive control in the organization. Lastly, the organization will be able to save time and money: a vital prerequisite required in self-management stratagems.

Assessment of overall competency and practice management mastery:

The three departments (human resource, finance, and market) are vital considerations of this organization. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that human resource development and staff retention are acknowledged. In this regard, it is a positive practice in management is achieved. With time, the organization… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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