Importance of Human Resource Management Research Paper

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Importance Of Human Resource Management

Human resource management:

The value and importance of human resources management

Human resource management:

The value and importance of human resources management

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In decades past, the human resources department used to be called the 'personnel' department and merely handled technical functions such as payroll (McNamara 2010). However, in today's economic environment, human resources departments have become valuable and critical components of almost all complex organizations. The name 'human resources' implies that people are a resource for every organization -- resources that must be used in an effective fashion for the organization to thrive. This is particularly true as the service-based aspects of industries have grown more important: it is often said that an organization's greatest assets are its people. Finding, training, retaining, and promoting high-quality people are some of the most important functions of any HR department. Human resources departments also play a second, vital role in a diverse workplace environment. They teach sensitivity training and use skilled mediation techniques to when conflicts arise between employees. They may train employees in how to deal with business customs and manners abroad. Thirdly, human resources departments are often required to deal with legal issues that arise regarding personnel matters, such as discrimination and occupational health and safety.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Importance of Human Resource Management Assignment

One commonly-accepted definition of the purpose of human resources is: "the process of acquiring, training, developing, motivating, and appraising a sufficient quantity of qualified employees to perform the activities necessary to accomplish organizational objectives; and developing specific activities and an overall organizational climate to generate maximum worker satisfaction and employee efficiency" (Pierce College, 2010, p.192). Knowing where to look for good employees (either internally or externally) and being able to filter out unacceptable resumes in a sea of paperwork, then creating viable screening and interview techniques for candidates requires sophisticated knowledge of the needs of each position. It is costly to hire a new employee, and an inappropriate employee can 'cost' organization even more in lost productivity. Different types of employees -- lower-level vs. managerial -- may demand different types of hiring and recruitment techniques, it but it is up to HR to ensure that each position is filled in an optimal manner. Even when not actively recruiting, HR departments will frequently audit and rewrite job descriptions, to ensure that requirements and salaries are commensurate with the needs of the position. They will also review benefits and other aspects of employee compensation to see if they are competitive with the packages offered by other businesses within the industry. Without such constant vigilance, a company will be unable to attract top talent and grow.

After a suitable candidate is hired, HR's role continues as it must organize and implement effective training programs for various positions. Sensitivity and diversity training, as well as technical preparation for the tasks required by the position may be encompassed in HR's training role. This is a vital aspect of instilling the mission of the organization in the hearts and minds of all candidates. Proper orientation creates a cohesive organization united under… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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