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¶ … Humanities

Even with the fact that humanities have generally shaped their understanding of life as a whole, many individuals are unable to understand the important role that they played across time and today. People unknowingly receive significant information during their lives as a result of the fact that they have access to humanities. As a result of coming across humanities-related topics, individuals are probable to experience success in a series of domains ranging from poetry to business and warfare. The expression "walk a mile in one's shoes" applies perfectly when considering humanities, taking into account that an individual can actually learn how it would be to experience such an event as a result of being provided with information through studying the humanities.

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When considering Sherman Alexie's "The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven," one is likely to acknowledge that the humanities are actually important from a historical and cultural point-of-view. The writer provides readers with complex portrayals of Native Americans as they interact with European concepts and as they fall victim to alcohol. Even with the fact that most people are likely to express interest in the collection of stories because of their intriguing nature, these narratives present readers with the chance to understand more concerning Native Americans and how they feel regarding their position in society. Many are probable to believe that Alexie wanted to discriminate natives through these stories. However, the truth is that the writer manages to provide a vivid picture of the feelings present in Native American communities and the problems that these individuals experience as they struggle to integrate a society that expresses hostile attitudes in regard to their thinking.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Importance of Humanities Assignment

The fact that Alexie has had a deeper understanding of Native American culture is reflected by his certainty that Indians can manage to stay without alcohol as long as they focus on their traditions and on their history. The writer actually emphasizes the fact that abstention from drinking alcohol is the key to success when considering Native Americans. Indians can apparently experience significant progress if they focus on their core values.

Alexie's involvement in the humanities made it possible for many other individuals to see matters from the perspective of Native Americans. Having a complex understanding of humanities as a whole is probable to represent an advantage for a person. Similarly, someone who is familiarized with Native American history and thinking as a consequence of having read… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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