Healthy Diet Habits: Lifetime Importance Essay

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¶ … Healthy Diet a Habit for a Lifetime


When one eats and utilizes natural foods, it improves the ability of being at ease with everyday life. This enhances the chances of living a much healthier, happier, and longer life. In the modern day life, the food type we consume must be of quality because we are exposed to high stress and pollution. This makes a healthy diet a necessity for a healthy personal care (Veugelers, 2010). Good health provides freedom and has become a crucial factor in life. Poor health will not offer people the freedom to work towards achieving their goals and so on. In case of any health disorder, the normal functioning of an individual are likely to be interrupted. Many of the daily activities would be affected, and relationships will suffer a terrific deal. This also might put you in a situation where you will not be able to work out things on your own and ask for assistance. Concisely, there are varieties of problems associated with poor health. Poor health is a source of many limitations in life (Niciforovic, 2009). Healthy eating habits and their benefits is an indicator of well being, improved physical strength, endurance, and better sleep. Time and money are saved while the energy of visiting doctors is directed elsewhere.

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TOPIC: Essay on Healthy Diet Habits: Lifetime Importance Assignment

Human species that are nearly like them are considered to belong to the Homo genus: their age is estimated to be about 3.0 to 4.0 million years old. In the old days, food was eaten either while still raw or given minimal processing. There was a need for an upgrade in technology, which never existed until recently. It is true to say that, our bodies are best in dealing with minimally processed or raw foods, which kept our ancestors strong and alive for a long time. Depending on time, the "modern the food" is likely to cease being beneficial but more harmful. Cooking started 250,000 years ago. With time, humans started processing food to a much higher level. Humans extract and mix food ingredients without considering nutritional value. For example, all the modern processed foods, pizza, chips sweets, fast foods, soft drinks, and energy drink. The foods have high levels of fats, sugar, and salt but often processed from low quality ingredients (Veugelers, 2010).

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When one continues to consume such kinds of foods with dense energy, and accompanying it with intake of excess popular stimulants such as nicotine, cocaine, increased hyperactive problems, which increase the level of stress and damage health problems, might forcefully occur (Veugelers, 2010). Food processing destabilizes and pollutes mental faculties, which affect the proper functioning and development in human beings. The rampant increase in number of heart attack incidents, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, liver, kidney, and diabetes problems are all caused by our modern day lifestyles. Luckily, all this health defects can be brushed away by healthy eating habits. Research shows that many of the recently discovered foods are harmful to human health. It has also been proven that when ethnic groups opt for the western diet, their health declines rapidly. They also develop the most common diseases that are experienced by westerners. Nevertheless, the same diseases were not so common in those western nations some 100 years ago (Veugelers, 2010).

The more food is processed using the modern day methods such as excessive cooking, homogenization, pasteurization; they reduce the nutrition and neutrality to the point of posing harm to the human body. This opposes the main function of food to the body, which is being useful and making one healthy. A good diet consists of natural foods, which are processed minimally, and wholly (Veugelers, 2010). These should include foods that can be eaten while still raw like fruits and vegetables. The habit of healthy eating also includes cultured or fermented foods unpasteurized such as cheese, yoghurt, pickles and so on. Many cultures consider such foods as very beneficial. For foods to be edible, they should be cooked only if it is necessary: the cooking should be minimal. In the human history, never has there been available and affordable food in countries from western except for the past several decades. Food consumption was very low in the traditional lives of many ethnic groups, which were mentioned earlier. The quality of food was also very high accompanied with energy foods that were few which are very popular today (Veugelers, 2010).

Step 4: Visualization-

Laboratory reports have confirmed that the cutting down of calories reduces the chances of getting diseases and increases our mortality rate by 50%. Long caloric restriction is believed to have the same impact on humans. Besides, diet is not fit for everyone because the understanding of healthy eating differs because most people understand it as satiety being satisfied (Niciforovic, 2009). I have practiced a lot of eating habits during my overtime. Some of those that I discovered were important I have listed them down. I just feel that they are a basic factor for founding a good health. You can give a try for at least let us say four weeks and see if there are any changes on how you feel. Am quite sure that they will work awesomely well for you (Kristiansen, 2010).

People have diverse traits including nutritious necessities. Healthy eating habits ensure that one consumes just enough and not more or not fewer nutrients included in the food (Kristiansen, 2010). These nutrients include fats, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and water. Essential nutrients are the nutrients that are required for healthy functioning of the body and the body cannot manufacture. These can only be obtained from source of diets, which include fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and all this should be essential. Taking of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, water and fats in balanced proportions, is very critical for the proper functioning of the body. Long-term taking of a single diet whether too high or too low might lead to serious health problems. These can include critical diseases such as diabetes cancer and many others (Kristiansen, 2010).

Step 5: Action-

Taking a limited diet every day will give rise to the deficiency of the same nutrient that is being lacked and excessive body level nutrients. Healthy eating habits include daily consumption of food rich in certain nutrients like chocolate. Eventually, it may lead to high levels of oxalic acid in the body (Kristiansen, 2010). If you consume more than enough of foods rich in copper including, chocolate coffee, tea, drinking water, and other products of cocoa, you may develop a number of various health problems that may include nausea, anemia, moodiness, vomiting, heart disease, depression, and many others that I have not mentioned. In addition, if you take foods with little or less copper may lead to low immunity, premature graying of hair, vascular degradation, insomnia including other health issues (Veugelers, 2010).

When you consume insufficient amino acids, repairing tissue and building cells comes to a halt. Immunity is also lowered because amino acids are required to form antibodies to get rid of pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Intake of insufficient proteins might cause many problems. Intake of excess proteins might lead to deposition of the proteins in the kidneys and liver. This might facilitate the loss of calcium and the eventual rise of osteoporosis otherwise known as kidney stones with other problems (Niciforovic, 2009). Intake of supplements that already exist in the body or are in excess is also another way of posing a danger to the normal functioning of the body (Kristiansen, 2010).

Supplements to correct a magnesium deficiency are necessary to eliminate the problems caused by the deficiency. Finding the correct nutrition, which will maintain your good health, is a very personal matter (Kristiansen, 2010). Our modern day diet argues that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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